“…The Brotha Made “Reasonable Doubt”…”

— January 25th, 2006 —

Reasonable Doubt

“Who’s the best emcees? Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas?” The age-old question posed by many a Hip-Hop fan is “who’s the best”…? In a culture where we have G.O.A.T.’s, King’s, and a God MC — one of the primary focuses in the game is being the best. My friend, Kareem, is a Jay-Z elitist. He feels that he’s the best MC and that anything anyone [anyone being Cam’Ron] has to say about it being otherwise is malarky. That’s right, I said malarky. His “reasoning” behind his feelings? “…the brotha made ‘Reasonable Doubt’“.

My feelings don’t matter in this arguement — I’m being unbiased. But B-Sims, on the other hand, feels that Cam was just a voice for the voiceless. I, for one, like the stance [and smarts] that Jay seems to have about the situation.

Jay said to MTV News:

“My thing is, it’s such an obvious ploy for attention and to get people to talk about it and for [Cam to] sell albums,” Jay-Z told MTV News “I’m torn…I feel like I would be stupid to even pay that any attention, because it’s such a ploy. N**gas is holding press conferences behind [the dis record]…That’s not even a good dis record. That s**t is trash. I’m torn. We’ll see what happens. Maybe on my time we’ll deal with it, but I’m not really pressed. I’m inspired by good artistic s**t. Cam’s s**t is not artistic. There’s nothing good about it. Everything about it is an obvious ploy to get attention. Nobody wants to get used.”

Basically, Killa Season it’s definitely not… It’s gotta suck that you’re not worth the attention of someone who is the center of attention. I wonder if Dame is making his trademark smirk and saying, “Rats… foiled again…” If what was said was true and Dame was just using Cam’Ron to get at Hov — wouldn’t that be a “homo” thing to do?

Males shouldn’t be jealous… that’s a female trait”

– Jay-Z

In any regards, I think that this is something that the public is going to slowly forget about as we get deeper into 2006. Then… when we least expect it, Jay-Z will have footage of Cameron Giles being birthed into the world wearing a pink hat and fu-fu with the frills on the end.

Shouts out to Bol and Danyel for hitting up the page. Please continue to stop through and give advice when/if necessarily. Appreciate it.


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