“Before The Clock Ticks”

— January 26th, 2006 —

Reality television shows have been around for awhile. Since the creation of those hidden reality prank TV shows, execs and advertisers have ran with the ball and knocked it out of the park at least 8 out of 10 times.

One of those homeruns was “The Real World”. Although I loathe the show now [although I find the Inferno to be quite hilarious], “TRW” provided us moments that no one could quite forget [remember when ole boy slapped that girl in the face?!!? Surprised he wasn’t lynched].

With the Bachelor, The Real World, Wife Swap, and even that home-making show on ABC not captivating enough to maintain my attention… what do I watch?!

VH1: Celebrealities

I thought that Hulk Hogan’s show was alright. That Brady Bunch joint was trash. Celebrity Fit Club is bananas — both last season and this season. Harvey is a mean looking dude. In a one-on-one fight though… he probably would kill me. When he gets mad, he looks similar to a certain enemy of a certain former action hero movie star.

But the show that I am really diggin’ is… Flavor of Love. The Chicken episode is undoubtedly a classic. But what’s the point of this long diatribe, you ask?

Well Bo and I were talking and I came across a photo of Cristal Stevenson [also known as “Serious” to those who watch the show. Much props to The Justus Leage for these flicks.

[Disclaimer: For those viewing the site — these pictures should be viewed by those 18+ or older.]

Since Serious’ time ran out [seriously… haha!] — I guess a way to go is to give tribute to the model… also known as “Serious”.

On the site the pictures were posted some time in November. So, I don’t know how old or new these pictures are. Just found it interesting, that’s all.

Share your thoughts.


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