“What’s All The Hype About?!!?”

What’s going on with Hype Williams?  Has he lost his mind?!!?  The guy responsible for creating such visual treats like Busta Rhymes “Woo-Hah” [Got You All In Check] is now making Belly-esque ass-features with his new video trend.

He’s typically sold the same premise of a video to those few schmucks [Smitty, Beyoncé, and a gaggle of others].

Next on that list aptly called, “The Unfortunates” [because unfortunately, they should’ve had another director come up with the treatment for their video] — is the newest R&B sensation — Ne-Yo.

You can check out the “HYPE” down below…


In other news, owners of the trendy Blackberry may soon find themselves disappointed.  Why?  Because someone didn’t hit the patent office too quick.  I guess one of the companies [RIM] is trying the gangsta stranglehold move by saying, “We ain’t fuckin’ wit chall, we in Canada – we’re untouchable, ay!”  Whatever!?!  Just as long as they don’t shut off my e-mail service.  I JUST got this phone.  I’m using it for the best of my abilities. 

There will probably not be an update tomorrow, unless there is something earth shattering.  Have a few business pieces to get ready for.


3 Responses to ““What’s All The Hype About?!!?””

  1. Dayrell Says:

    hi kev. nice spot you have here.


    i was just catching up on some of you posts.

  2. Dayrell Says:

    oops, typo.

    meant, just catching up on some of “your” posts. lol

  3. Gwen Jimmere Says:

    You’re the best! I love you! Round 3??

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