“The Taste of the Big Apple”

— February 15th, 2005 —

You go out of town and already you’re out of the loop. The missus and I went to NYC. The trip was both personal and business. I’ve already been there — and this was her first trip.

Thursday was a great day. When we got into NYC, we went to our hotel. We got a chance to be on 106 & Park [I’ll try and convert it so you can see our brief appearance]. We met Melvin Van Peebles just walking down the street. Traveled all along the boroughs of New York.

I regret not going to see Jay Dilla at his listening party. The missus and I had wanted to do, but were tired from traveling all around the city. He’ll surely be missed. I could go into detail about the trip. But I’ll put up pictures that describe it better later.

Oprah is doing a good job not trying to take over the world. Three years… $55 million dollars?!!? Come on. That is bonkers. The woman needs to run for Office, and she needs to do it soon. Or at least after the Vice President shoots somebody else… namely the President. I wonder if Cheney faces charges, would Bush give his the chair?
Since Valentine’s Day is obviously a woman’s holiday — I figured that guys should start promoting our own holiday. March 14th should be declared “Steak & BJ Day”. Hell, there’s even a petition demanding that it should be a legal holiday. [Shout out to my man, Marquis for hippin’ me to it].

I guess love is a two-way street with most couples. For Mos Def, it’s about speeding down on end of the street, while leaving his two daughters in a dead-end one.

Aha — business time!! There is a few things that you’ve missed, since I haven’t updated in quite some time. I got a chance to speak with legendary Houston MC, Scarface and his new group, The Product. I had two new business pieces with the Daily Kent Stater, but you can only find one — here.

What’s next? Be on the lookout for Dem Franchise Boyz, T-Pain, another business piece for the Stater, and those flicks from my trip to the Big Apple.


One Response to ““The Taste of the Big Apple””

  1. Dayrell Says:

    sup dear kev?! im glad you and the missus had a good time in NYC. i did the same when i went…

    so you met melvin?? aww!! lucky you!!! i just met godfrey. lol

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