“Manical Monday”

— February 20th, 2006 —

 Sorry for the weak-ass title, I mean — couldn’t come up with nothing better.  I guess I’m kind of bummed because Cheney won’t be facing charges.  In my heart of hearts, I know I shouldn’t wish death on no man — but I really wish someone would just “Tookie” Williams and JFK; Bush and Cheney.  I am sick of this.  Although, it is revealing to know that Cheney is not the man that he once was — I believe that homeboy had ulterior motives behind that. 

Nothing too big today — I still have to upload those pictures of New York City and I have to try and convert the appearance on 106 & Park for your viewing pleasure.  I’ve just been too tired, lazy, busy, or the combination of all three to do anything about it.


One Response to ““Manical Monday””

  1. akiey Says:

    What’s good Kevin!? I understand your frustration toward this administration. Like I mentioned the other day when I ran into you: It’s evident from your up-to-parr writing in the Kent Stater that you’re more than a regular, run of the mill news watcher, you’re one Brother that watches, internalizes & reflects on current events.
    I was contemplating taking a long break or quitting blogging alltogether but going through your writing here makes me to stick around longer,lol!

    PS: I made a satirical photo about the Cheney shooting two days after it happened. Would have put it up on blog. Lemme know if you’d like to view it.

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