“Don’t Really Have a Title”

— February 27th, 2006 —

Our month is almost over. So, that means that the ad agencies can rest on their laurels until next February. Gawsh, the perks were so great. I got free gas, was able to roam the streets after curfew — without doubt or suspicion, and I even got to sit at the front of the bus.

I guess this is how you know that Black History month is over. Someone who probably also wishes that Black History month had a few more weeks left is Busta Rhymes. Bus-a-bus, seems to have found himself in a predicamet. Now, I know how the game is supposed to work. They have the “Stop Snitchin'” t-shirts and DVDs — but this is a man’s life. When life imitates art — how do you separate the two? This’ll probably increase the Dungeon Dragon’s first week sales, a good 100,000 units.

This site could use that type of publicity. I guess putting up pieces like this in the paper aren’t getting it done?! Maybe if I shot someone in the face, then I could get some love too. I should come up with a dance. Yes! That’ll bring in the masses.  Oh, I think they like me… okay… okay… maybe not as much as them. But I’ll be on my way soon!

Be on the lookout for Clinton Sparks, Ne-Yo, and maybe a little nostalgia from yours truly.


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