“Everybody Wants What Everybody Wants”

— March 14th, 2005 —

No one has sent me any e-mails talking about how successful their “Steak and BJ” holiday is going. So, us men will not get our just due, I guess… Everyone has their wants. In this case, the woman’s wants outweigh the man’s. Think about it? The women know that they have the power hands down across the board and they can use that to enforce their will. The woman can be anal about it (over-domineering) or subtle (playful flirt) about making the pendulum of any situation go their way. As men, we try to use our sexual dominance (which is very little when you think about it) as a means of signifying strength. Another thing that I know I, as a man, want is the feeling of security. Which is basically universal on all accounts. But I really want to know that the things in life that I am working to achieve, associated with, and/or profiting from — will be there for the long haul. Now I know certain things are always transitional — jobs, relationships, even friends — but in the end, I want the same things to be there for me in the end. Is that wrong? Is it selfish of me to believe that that is possible?

I have made a lot of connections through this writing, a fact that wouldn’t have been possible without a firestarter in my corner like G-Money the Diva. I would love for these connections to continue to serve me as friends and allies in this ongoing battle of artistic freedom. It’s been a pleasure to know people like Panama, Bomani Jones, William Ketchum III, jimi izreal, Harold M. Clemens, and plenty of others who I am either a fan of or a friend of or worked for. Professionally, I have been doing this for only a year, but the seeds planted and cultivated continue to sprout full blossomed treats. From meeting with Kim from Room Serivce to eating some grub with Pam Smith (formerly of SOHH.com) in Harlem — I am blessed to be able to say that I am living out my dream. A dream that if not started now, may not have gotten started. Now, I have been writing since I was two-years-old. I understand that this is my gift here on Earth. Finally realizing that this is something that I want is really an eye-opening experience, yet a somber road to traverse. I mean — I am 23, jimi talked about his experiences as an intern with Vibe magazine and this part kind of worried me.

“At 25, I was also the oldest intern in the business department. There was an older one 38— I think—in the art department. “

Again, mind you — 23, and I have just now stepped into the realm of being a writer. Still with no critical praise or real in-depth knowledge of the game yet, I’ve been like a fish taking to water in this game. Does age matter in a game where image isn’t the key? My friend, Mr. Ketchum III, is 20, maybe 21 — his credits are lightweight deep with pieces in certain magazines and flooding the internet with hot (no brokeback) features. Before I even knew duke, I was envy of the skill. Coming from Kent, attending Kent State — our school is known for journalism, but not necessarily the type that I have been doing for a while now. Not much difference, you say?! But I think different.

College… is definitely a trip. I walked around the campus the other day and saw all the returning students come back from being at home. Just wondering to myself if they thought an inkling of what I thought.

“I’m in college. I want something in life.”

Sounds cliché, I know — but it’s an interesting specimen to check out. People pay tons of money just so they can attain a piece of paper that will allow them to earn the money to be able to pay back to the University. Slick hustle if you ask me. It just seems like everybody wants what everybody wants in life. Whether it’s happiness, sex, love, money, or an interview with Kanyé West — it’s all about that yearning for something.


2 Responses to ““Everybody Wants What Everybody Wants””

  1. William Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout fam, much appreciated…

    But as different as those other types of journalism are different from what you want to do, it’s necessary for these reasons:

    1) It helps you learn to deal and do what you don’t want to do – something that’s crucial with any job.
    2) Teaches you technical skills that you’ll use later on.
    3) A LOT of people at your favorite magazines built their resume at newspapers – you’ve got to start somewhere. Editors (from what I’ve been told) expect the day-to-day hustle of a newspaper, they know you have the concept of deadlines, and it shows them that you know how to write.
    4.) What would it be like hopping right into what you want to do? Gotta pay dues, son. I’m not even there yet, but I know it’s gonna take a minute…

  2. rachael Says:

    i love that too!

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