“Sex Sells…”

— March 20th, 2006 —

I guess what they say is true, “Cash rules everything around me…” (five pesos for the person who can do GZA’s verse and don’t look it up on OHHLA). In America, it seems like we’re dominated by those damn dead presidents. It’s sickening. Everything you hear, smell, taste, lick, suck — going too far, huh?! …Basically all is money and money is all when it comes to things here in the States. But, you gotta think that without it — what is possible? Without do-re-mi, I couldn’t pay my rent, eat food, drink, anything that makes life worth living. Now, nowhere in this post am I advocating prostitution or any type of pimpery (it’s already hard out there for them, anyway…) — but I can understand why most of this stuff sells…




……..It’s friggin’ sexy……

Does anyone recall when Free was on the cover of KING Magazine? Better yet, did anyone else’s mouth drop when they read that she was 37 years old?!!? I remember I was with G-Money at the local Dairy Mart reading it and her and I both were in shock. But you know what… I bought that copy on the strength that it was Free in the magazine.

Kind of off subject, but…

Courtesy of Crunk + Disorderly

Isn’t Sammie looking quite the elder?!  I don’t remember what the single was off of his debut shit-brick album “From the Bottom to the Top” but — I heard that its E-Bay stock rose, just like he seems to have risen from the grave.


SOHH… MiJac is “supposedly” working with 50 and his G-Unit Guerillas…. Hmm… If the two Jacko’s got together — would their music be just as sweet? The repackaging of Mr. We Are The World’s image would be all 50 Cent’s idea.

Courtesy of SOHH.com (Fresh)

I’m out. I have work to finish up on before I head out of state. Keep aware. Also, keep my friend, Bomani Jones in your prayers, he’s suffered a tragedy in his inner circle. I’ll definitely keep you in mines, homie. One.


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