“Guess Who’s Bizzack”

— April 3rd, 2006 –<>It feels so good to be home. Yes, it does. Just got back on Saturday, from my trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. It was definitely a life-altering experience. I'll have to post a few stories on here when I get acclimated. The pictures are coming soon. I got a chance to see the family and meet a few new members of the Davis clan as well. Truly inspiring.

Now that I am back home, I got a chance to surf the net. Interesting things. Interesting things, indeed.

After seven years of being united, they're calling it quits. For the sake of love, I would hope that it was at least amicable and that there is a resolution to the situation. I wonder who's going to take what? Anyone remember "Cribs" where they showed the 24K gold toilet seat. That shitter alone must be worth a couple cool mil.

Allegedly, the Big Bang happened all up in Mays face. I guess cats are just showing him appreciation for the "bang" up job that him and Benzino did at the Source. I still have to check out the new issue of the magazine. Right now, I am trying to read the new issue of KING.

Not to hate on Black Rob, but him going to jail isn't really all that newsworthy. Especially since the guy hasn't released anything in a while. But the one that I know is making Snoop and all those karma-loving hippies happy is…

Tupac must be laughing in his grave. You know they say don't ever bite the hand that feeds you. It's interesting to see how Suge had help from an OG, yet didn't even put no money on the books. Shame on you, Suge (don't tell him about this website… lol). It's interesting to see where this is going to end up.


Somebody hide the crack from Whitney!!!

What's Next?

A couple of business pieces on the way. Trying to get this pitch in order. School is hitting the pavement hard, so I gotta keep up with that. I'll post a few pictures from the trip tomorrow.


2 Responses to ““Guess Who’s Bizzack””

  1. HumanityCritic Says:

    You know, I never wish anything bad on anyone, but seeing Suge go to jail is nice..lol

  2. William E. Ketchum III Says:

    Good post. My remarks

    Russell & Kimora: Good lookin out Russell, now I can get on.

    Dave & Busta: Damn, Busta’s a husky nigga too. Sad (and busted) face for Mays.

    Black Rob: “Heard It All Before”….

    Suge: (I don’t make comments on Suge – he might find me)

    Check my blog homie


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