“Perspective on the Track”

— April 12th, 2006 —

I know, I know — you want the Biloxi pictures, well, you'll have to wait. Very interesting things going on in the world.

It hit the wire hard and is running fast — the word is that Proof (Eminem's longtime best friend and hypeman) was murdered on the 11th.

Proof was murdered at the Triple C Club.

The news come as a shock to myself, personally, and others as well. I had done an interview with him back in August. It was interesting to say the least. I don't know if I still have the audio from that particular piece, but I'll try and find it and post it here for you, first.

A lot of people have interesting things to say. I think Hashim's commentary was one of more poignant things said amongst the rest of the conversations. But as more of this story comes to light — the question is "when does street cred trump common sense?"

LL wants us to get in shape!

Finally, this brotha is onto something. I mean FUBU wasn't exactly his greatest business idea. I mean — he could've made more money advertising with Kangol.

Would I buy the book? I don't know. I am more adept at just going to the Rec and just hitting some weights, my damn self. But I will say that him being the one doing it will make him some extra ends, because at 41 33, he is in tip-top shape.

911 is a JOKE… Or is it?!

I read this and just shook my head. I can understand the volume of calls that are made to the emergency number on a daily, yet I cannot understand why you wouldn't take the word of a child who is simply saying, "My mom passed out." I mean the audacity of this woman. She had sheer chutzpah to do what she did. Hanging up on a 5-year-old? Come on. The most displeasing (i.e. kick to the balls) part of the article, is when they say that "she'll remain on the job throughout the investigation" — what type of crock of schish-schmise is that?

Well, got a lot of work to do. Here goes a few business pieces for your viewing pleasure. Another one this Friday with the Stater and hopefully, the Vakill interview will go up too.


2 Responses to ““Perspective on the Track””

  1. Milo Says:

    Street cred vs. Common sense:

    Tough battle, considering if you’re going for one, you most likely don’t have the other. Plus what are you doing at a club in your hometown when you have a wife and kids at home? Also, why are you pulling out a piece on a bouncer? Couple more Q’s for ya’. Nice blog dude.

  2. Dayrell Says:

    r/i/p proof.


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