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“Business Piece”

June 30, 2006

— June 30th, 2006 —

I have an editorial over at about legalizing beef in Hip-Hop. Check it out.



June 28, 2006

Photo by Kevin L. Clark

“So much on my mind I just can’t recline,
Blastin’ holes in the night ’til she bled sunshine,
Breathe in… inhale vapors from bright stars that shine…
Breathe out, weed smoke retrace the skyline!
Heard the bass ride out like an ancient mating call,
I can’t take it y’all, I can feel the city breathin’
Chest heavin’, against the flesh of the evening,
Sigh before we die like the last train leaving…”

— Black Star ft. Common “Respiration”


There are a lot of people that I have to thank as a part of this trip even being a possibility. For that, go to my MySpace page and that is where your shout out is at. The trip to NYC was a blessing because I didn’t think that I’d be able to go and I didn’t think that I would make the connections that I did.


Leaving from Akron to go to NYC was fun, I met some interesting people. One in particular was Dave, who I also called Dale Earnhardt the Third. Him and Catillia were the two who rode all the way to New York City with me. Never saw either one of them after that. It was a shame — we could’ve all went out.


When I arrived at Ms. Pringle’s spot, it took me a minute because it’s not like the addresses are visably prominent on any building in New York. So, once I finally found it I had to sign in where this Jamaican guy named Jack was the security at the door. He had a nasty attitude, but someone should’ve just said the word “deport” and that would’ve straightened him out (or made him pull out a razor blade). I travelled around the city and got to meet up with Room Service, Iced Media, and stopped in the offices of Cornerstone Promotions. All of them were nice, even if I didn’t get a chance to meet Dani Lovett and Roberto Santos over at Cornerstone.


But my journey around NYC isn’t what you want to read about. You want to know about the 2nd Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Well… for that, you can go to my MySpace page to read the review about the concert.


After the show is what was interesting. My friend Yuma and I were looking for the afterparty. It was a Hip-Hop Karaoke joint that was right off of Lafayette in Brooklyn. This guy — Bilal — had attended the festival and said that he knew where he was going. So, we went too. Unbeknownst to us, we hopped on an express train that went past our destination. So, we’re hopping from train to train which made it seem like forever (even though it was only about 35 minutes of walking and switching trains) — and we finally let Christopher Columbus go his own way while we went ours.


So, Yuma and I had finally arrived at our destination (E. 14th St by Union Square). I was looking for a club, because I had never been in one while staying in New York. I talked to these two girls who also had attended the festival and asked them about clubs in the city. They pointed me to a few places, but one thing about Manhattan is that they want you to be clean like Diddy when you walk into their established. I didn’t exactly pack up some wing-tipped shoes and a button up shirt to go to a Hip-Hop concert.


The ladies pointed me in the direction of heading back to Brooklyn to go to this one spot that I can’t recall. But all I remember is that someone was stabbed their a few nights before. But I had introduced myself to the young ladies and one (Ms. Codougan) was familiar with my name. She at least recognized the name and some of the work, so I was uber-excited because of the fact that I didn’t know this woman from a hole in the ground and she was “familiar” with my name and the sites that I was associated with.


It truly made my New York experience all the more worthwhile. Which made me come to another revelation…


New Yorkers can’t dance for spit!


I finally found out about a club that was a block up the road from me. It was Webster’s Hall. It was already after 12 and the security guard named Franco had warned me. He said that it would be 30 pesos to enter into the establishment. I was flabbergasted! But I made my way over there anyways. My boy, Yuma, isn’t really the clubbin’ type, so he bounced out to head back to Mt. Vernon.


When I got there I thought I had hit pay dirt. Blacks and Latinos all chillin’… waiting to get into the mix. Reggae music pulsating from a basement door. No batty-boys, just a bunch of souls ready to get intertwined with the music.


My dreams were shattered as if Big Pun had sat on them, once the lady at the door said, “30 BUCKS!” I tried my best to Monty Hall the situation, but it wasn’t working. She then added, “I can’t let you in with that hat on… or those boots…” I was pissed. But I said that I was from out of town, showed her my ID and she let me in. But when I got in through the door…


…another lady was there asking for the money. So, I reluctantly gave her the 30 dollars, asking her if it’s truly worth it. I go in and when I looked around, I was disappointed. The Reggae room was jumping, but it was just like the ballroom on a Friday night. Nothing but a whole bunch of guys dancing around, doing the latest steps, while the girls sit around and watch. But the girls weren’t doing their own thing — they were standing around because they were outnumbered.


One thing about Webster’s Hall is that there are about six other rooms that you can go into if something isn’t your thang… I bounced in-between the Hip-Hop room and the Reggae/R&B room. It was cool. But when I went up to the Hip-Hop room, there was a male and female strippers (for the Pride weekend) and “Money Ain’t A Thang” was playing. Now, I swear that that was some old ass music. But the NY’ers were jammin’ to it like it was a Lupe Fiasco leaked album.


New Yorkers can’t dance for spit…


I mean they were dancin’ to some of the oldest, most dated, Mr. Magoo-like music that was out. Seven to ten year timespan at the worst. But the tricky part about it… was that it was all hits. Stuff that I’d probably still jam if they were on my computer.


All in all, New York wasn’t bad and I have a lot of photos and memories about this trip. I thank you all for supporting me in one way or another.

“How Superman Got His Groove Back”

June 28, 2006

— June 27th, 2006 —

My friends and I went to go see a preview showing of “Superman Returns” — that just concluded as of… ten minutes ago. So, I figured that I’d write a review about it. There may be a few spoilers in it, so if you don’t want to read it — click on the X.

I’ll start off by saying — “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE” — this movie is not going to conjure up old feelings of the 1978, Richard Donner helmed original. Brandon Routh, who has Christopher Reeves characteristics is uncharacteristic in this piece. Not saying that he’s bad, it’s just that the performance was more action driven as opposed to allowing the actors to actually emote.

That is a signature that Bryan Singer holds dear. The ability to craft such wonderfully created action sequences that are seamlessly held together by that fact. The CGI and whatnot are what drive this movie. …Well, that, the vague sexual references, and the fact that Singer swagger-jacked the original (blatantly) draws the audience into the world of Metropolis.

The same world that went without the All American Hero for five years as he looked for his home planet, Krypton. The plot is really what drags the viewer down this almost three-hour dribble. Lex Luthor wants to do what, with what, so he can have that?! Pointless. It’s understandable that Singer signed on to helm such an iconic figure such as Superman. Even more that he was trying to string this one alongside “Superman II.” But, to have such a weak plot held together by a semi-interesting, yet-complicated twist, climaxed by a uber-sorry ending — I don’t know if I’d be looking forward to the sequel.

2.5 out of 5.

But what I am looking forward to is that new Spiderman 3 — already the trailer has me fiending for the next year to arrive. Still bummed out the villains aren’t Venom and Carnage, but — you can’t have everything you want.

You can view the trailer, here!

Or directly… here…

I know, I know — I wrote about Superman before I talked about my New York trip. But I’m about to do that next — stay tuned!

“Person vs. Personality”

June 17, 2006

— June 17th, 2006 —

My JMC friends are leaving. Going back home with mother or father. Leaving me to wait another 365 to interact with them. But as they leave, I wonder to myself — after it's all said and done, "Do people like me for my physical features? Or do they just like my personality?"

The way a person carries themselve is esential, especially when it comes to women and metrosexuals. So, how I interacted with my comrades should say a lot to how attractive I can come off to the opposite sex, right?

I don't know.

Would you rather date this? Or wake up every morning next to this?

I continue to analyze and look at the people who surround me and listen to what they say. The requests for this are crazy, while the inquiries from this remain unanswered. 

Maybe it's a sign that people aren't just feeling the physical from the kid. I am not trying to be in a relationship, but a date or three would be nice to have. It's a matter of style over substance; am I not in-style enough for a woman to be happy with my substance?

Or does it boil down to her being "right" and it emitting off of my person?

Whatever the case may be, I am not blind to my image in the mirror. I know that I am not the flyest guy on the block. I know these and other faults that I have are probably written all over my face.

So, then why does it hurt so bad to constantly come up short on things that I want? 

What do you think?

“New Music Thursday”

June 15, 2006

— June 15th, 2006 —

May be old, may be new — but it’s all here for you. Enjoy!

Chamillionaire – Grown and SexyWindows/Real

Brooke Valentine – D-Girl – Windows Hi/Quicktime Lo

Lil’ Scrappy – Gangsta, Gangsta – Windows Hi/Real Lo

Beenie Man – Girls – Windows Hi/Real Hi

What’s Next?

Pictures from the Summer JMC Program and a few from the Columbus trip.

“Business Piece”

June 14, 2006

— June 14th, 2006 —

I got an article running at, right over here — "Black Men Reach Tipping Point."

“Iceberg Slim”

June 14, 2006

— June 13th, 2006 —

I am pretty much an easy-going character. Not much for dramatics or a firestarter. So, it’s interesting when things like that occur in my life. I shut down. I go from being this jovial person to being a person detached from everything and everyone.

I know that about myself. When I am upset, I cannot be “helped,” your “advice” will not suffice because I won’t ask for it. Chances are you’ll never know the root of what it is that’s bothering me, only thing you will see is my demeanor and how it has changed. I believe that it is selfish of me to think that. To think that you cannot help me. I am the one who gives advice and Dr. Phil everyone’s questions, thoughts and concerns. So… for me to need you should be irrevelant, right? Right? 

Guess not, that’s something within me that may never change. It’s quite sad, actually. To not let someone in for fear of them being afraid, or not having an answer, or not caring at all. I already think in my mind that people don’t really care, they just want to hear so they’ll be able to gossip. So, I become iceberg. Cold and callous. Not towards anyone in particular, not really as a means to put off anyone, either. It’s a safety precaution. As would most people have, but I feel as if it is a gift and a curse.

I want somebody, a friend, family member, anyone to be able to hear me with an unbiased ear and to be able to make me feel better. But I won’t allow that to happen, because I’m afraid to let people too far in.

I’ve done that before, paid the price in many different ways with various people who I have let in. I don’t think that I can ever let anyone know what goes on inside my head and that is truly sad, because it’s a wonderful journey to actually get to know me.

Because the face only represents what is inside my heart.

When I am having a good time, all smiles, shits and giggle — that is truly in my heart. I am really enjoying all that life has to offer.

But when the sour taste is in my mouth, my stance, my energy, my sheer aura becomes that of a tomb. One that I be buried within until a joyful ressurection comes along.

But, y’all don’t care anyway… right?

What’s Next?

Pictures from the 2006 Summer Diversity Journalism Program and maybe a few flicks of the trip down to Columbus.

“Funny How Things Work Out…”

June 8, 2006

— June 8th, 2006 —

Life is a beautiful rollercoaster ride, isn't it? As I say "hi" to 30 (only 23, though…), my damn self — it is interesting to see how my mental has been shaped by events that have just occurred within the past four months. 2006 is a unique year.

I read a "friend's" post on her MySpace page where she was talking about what she wants from a man. I posed the question of what she needed. I do not know if this is where people are at nowadays, but I would like to say that I am trying to find myself first. Having been out of a relationship for some time now, I've noticed that one of the few things that I've gained the ability to fold 'em (*cue Willie Nelson*)

It's quite funny how things work out because the situation that you're in may not be the one that you're in the next day. I've seen a few of my friends go this route. Complaining of a broken heart, then be in the club the next night being the talk of the club.

Are relationships becoming played out? Can anyone be faithful during these sintastical times? Does anyone have the testicular fortitude to admit to their mistakes and be able to trudge on leaving the past, as is?

Don't know. Don't really want to find out. My best laid plains are with this pen and this pad. Shit… funny how things work out, don't it?

“Someone Call 9-1-1…”

June 8, 2006

— June 7th, 2006 —

Is it the sign of the Apocalypse? Or is it just ignorant white folk day? Eh… either way? Ms. Ann Coulter continues to show why she’s never going to be more than a Bush cum receptical with the release of her book, “Godless: The Church of Liberalism.”

The same woman who brought us such classics like, “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)…” is encouraging others to buy her newest piece by going the route of such inspirations like… 50 Cent and the rest of his G-Unit weed carriers.

Ms. Coulter decided to piss on the dead by insulting the living. Calling the widows of 9/11 “witches” is one thing, but when you question the sanctity of their union to the one’s they loved, for the sake of book sales, that’s pushing it.

It astounds me that people nowadays have to prod people into anger just to see what she is going to talk about in the book for a buck. I mean what happens nothing is shocking anymore? This act as so disrespectful that President Clinton’s former cum receptical got mad. Good point, I mean — 9/11 was a horrible event and to insult their deaths just because of an alliance to a political party is foolish.

Either way, Coulter is going to have another best-seller on her hands thanks to the people who are easily herded in like sheep.

“The Day After”

June 7, 2006

— June 7th, 2006 —

First off, Happy Birthday to GJ! Say "Hi" to 30 for me. 🙂

Last night, I went to go see "The Omen." Honestly, the hype surrounding the movie can clearly be derived from the fact that it's been 30 years since the original and most of these youngsters have never seen Gregory Peck play the role of Robert Thorn.

The other part of the hype is that yesterday was 6/6/06 — symbolizing the mark of the beast. Clever promotional pitch that worked as at least the two theaters that I went to were sold out of tickets. The movie was good, didn't stray too far from the original. I mean how could it, it's about the devil! But it did have it's fair share of scare jumpers (Mia Farrow is a beast) and it also had a cameo from the original Damien from thet 1976 original ( is a beast, too!)

You think that the Game would've had some success, too, if he would've put out his album yesterday?

The movie was all-around entertaining and without spoiling it for those who haven't seen the original, it is a little bit more scarier given the times that we live it and how the biblical references match up to our current events.

I hope that everyone has been enjoying their week.

What's Next?!

Mick Boogie, Joey Fingaz, Jurassic 5 (not until like August, though), and a few editorials. The grind never stops because a guy has rent to pay.


Shout out to for making it happen and also for making sure that the lights are turned off (inside joke).