“Funny How Things Work Out…”

— June 8th, 2006 —

Life is a beautiful rollercoaster ride, isn't it? As I say "hi" to 30 (only 23, though…), my damn self — it is interesting to see how my mental has been shaped by events that have just occurred within the past four months. 2006 is a unique year.

I read a "friend's" post on her MySpace page where she was talking about what she wants from a man. I posed the question of what she needed. I do not know if this is where people are at nowadays, but I would like to say that I am trying to find myself first. Having been out of a relationship for some time now, I've noticed that one of the few things that I've gained the ability to fold 'em (*cue Willie Nelson*)

It's quite funny how things work out because the situation that you're in may not be the one that you're in the next day. I've seen a few of my friends go this route. Complaining of a broken heart, then be in the club the next night being the talk of the club.

Are relationships becoming played out? Can anyone be faithful during these sintastical times? Does anyone have the testicular fortitude to admit to their mistakes and be able to trudge on leaving the past, as is?

Don't know. Don't really want to find out. My best laid plains are with this pen and this pad. Shit… funny how things work out, don't it?


2 Responses to ““Funny How Things Work Out…””

  1. William Says:

    Unfortunately, to a lot of people, relationships are played out. But to me, it’s the exact opposite – I find the whole mack/pimp/”let’s see who gets the most numbers tonight” shit lame as hell. Just like I said in a recent rhyme I just wrote: “Bein a mack is played, like high-top fades, and shades in the winter/I’d rather have one real chick, than 20 pretenders.”

    But yeah, before going into a relationship, you should know as much about yourself as possible, for the fairness to both you and your potential partner.


  2. Youngblood Says:

    Relationships are a hard maintain. Relationships to many people seem played out, thats nothing new. But even with that, people take chances all the time. I agree that you have to know as much about yourself as possible to make things work.

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