“Someone Call 9-1-1…”

— June 7th, 2006 —

Is it the sign of the Apocalypse? Or is it just ignorant white folk day? Eh… either way? Ms. Ann Coulter continues to show why she’s never going to be more than a Bush cum receptical with the release of her book, “Godless: The Church of Liberalism.”

The same woman who brought us such classics like, “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)…” is encouraging others to buy her newest piece by going the route of such inspirations like… 50 Cent and the rest of his G-Unit weed carriers.

Ms. Coulter decided to piss on the dead by insulting the living. Calling the widows of 9/11 “witches” is one thing, but when you question the sanctity of their union to the one’s they loved, for the sake of book sales, that’s pushing it.

It astounds me that people nowadays have to prod people into anger just to see what she is going to talk about in the book for a buck. I mean what happens nothing is shocking anymore? This act as so disrespectful that President Clinton’s former cum receptical got mad. Good point, I mean — 9/11 was a horrible event and to insult their deaths just because of an alliance to a political party is foolish.

Either way, Coulter is going to have another best-seller on her hands thanks to the people who are easily herded in like sheep.


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