“Person vs. Personality”

— June 17th, 2006 —

My JMC friends are leaving. Going back home with mother or father. Leaving me to wait another 365 to interact with them. But as they leave, I wonder to myself — after it's all said and done, "Do people like me for my physical features? Or do they just like my personality?"

The way a person carries themselve is esential, especially when it comes to women and metrosexuals. So, how I interacted with my comrades should say a lot to how attractive I can come off to the opposite sex, right?

I don't know.

Would you rather date this? Or wake up every morning next to this?

I continue to analyze and look at the people who surround me and listen to what they say. The requests for this are crazy, while the inquiries from this remain unanswered. 

Maybe it's a sign that people aren't just feeling the physical from the kid. I am not trying to be in a relationship, but a date or three would be nice to have. It's a matter of style over substance; am I not in-style enough for a woman to be happy with my substance?

Or does it boil down to her being "right" and it emitting off of my person?

Whatever the case may be, I am not blind to my image in the mirror. I know that I am not the flyest guy on the block. I know these and other faults that I have are probably written all over my face.

So, then why does it hurt so bad to constantly come up short on things that I want? 

What do you think?


8 Responses to ““Person vs. Personality””

  1. Tara Says:

    That was me commenting on the last post…so where are the pics? I wanna see the kids!

    And you are way too hard on yourself. Your time will come. You don’t look like a troll, and women (some I personally know) find you attractive. So chill out, stay on the grind, and your queen in flowing robes will find you.

  2. Kevin L. Clark Says:

    Tuesday at the latest is when I’ll put up the pics. …Who finds me attractive? LOL! T-Boogie — you’ve been in NYC too long! 🙂

  3. G. Cornelius Says:

    I feel ya homie…Well I’ll keep you posted

  4. Skittles Says:

    how old is your picture? Don’t be acttin like you don’t knoow u cute i aint fint to pump yo head up ya already know what it is Ya dig

  5. Youngblood Says:

    I can only speak for myself when I say that I go off of personality when it comes to dating guys. Im not sure how much you got working for you or against you, but you could use it all to your advantage. Get what you are after. Stop acting like being happy is only for fairy tales.

  6. Skittles Says:

    i think you come up short constantly on things you want because first of all everything has a time to take place. Don’t be quick to rush things. i believe personally that it is not the right time right now. You need to be patient..

  7. vagitis Says:

    I know, I think we have the same problem. Most of the good black women are taken, but the ones who aren’t are usually trifling and materialistic, and want thugs.
    If its any consolation, I would date you.

  8. Brown Suga Says:

    So many ladies in this world thus so many options. Trust me, you have many options, especially in NYC, if you know what I mean,lol. I used to think deep about about it at times. I mean, in the past, “single” was my middle name. Talking and befriended so many guys (on a platonic level, of course), I realized that their personality either sucked or their looks was bland. Always use to think that I will never get the whole package. But, don’t think to hard about it because you will realize that the gift of life will pass you by. There are so many things to do and explore in this world. I am not trying to say that to forget about finding that special someone but she will definitely come around when you least expect it. It always happen. Peace out!!

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