“Waist Deep Only Comes Up to the Ankles”

— July 2nd, 2006 —

I have to give a belated birthday wish to my father. Yeah… I know, I didn’t wish it on his day, but I forgot — sue me!

Today’s topic: How casting can make or break a movie.


Poorly written and cast horrendously. A decent premise, but mired in bad African-American stereotypes. It is closed-minded dribble, at best.


Fresh out of jail, O2 (Tyrese Gibson) was working as a security guard. He gets his car jacked by some hoods and his son Junior is kidnapped by a local drug kingpin named Big Meat (The Game, nullus). O2 is pulled back into the fray of money, drugs, and murder — teaming with his inept cousin and an intellectual hustler named Coco (Meagan Good) to get the ransom money together to buy his son back.


Actor-turned-director, Vondie Curtis-Hall goes for strike two with this movie about drugs, kidnapping and looking good! For those not familiar with Curtis-Hall, go to imdb.com and do a search on his name. He directed the asstastical “Glitter” movie with Mariah Carey. Anyways…

The movie starts off pretty decently. Gibson’s character works a menial job, trying to make ends meet while trying to get a way to pick up his son after his cousin, Lucky (Larenz Tate) fails to pick up his son. A carjacking fuels the so-so plotline.

My gripe here is with the casting. Tyrese, Larenze Tate and Meagan Good have all had success in the business — yet, it’s with Tyrese and Meagan where the image doesn’t correlate to the script. In Jungle Fever, you believed that Sam Jackson and Halle Berry were sucking on a glass tit. You could literally smell them as they were on screen. With “Waist Deep” it was more so a waste of time. The acting was trite, the plot was fickle at most.

Gibson and Good make their exploits look good. As in, you are attracted to them in a way that the movie doesn’t intend.

Curtis-Hall, reinforcing stereotypes since 1999, keeps it alive for the 2006.

1.75 out of 5.


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