“Is This Racist?!”


What do you think? (Thanks to YBF and Gail Codougan)


5 Responses to ““Is This Racist?!””

  1. Youngblood Says:

    First Id need to know why you think it would be racist??
    Then Id have to say I dont think that the ad is cool, but no I dont

  2. rakimfan Says:

    Thought provoking yes. Loaded absolutely. Racist? Depends on whose doing the interpretation. Only the photographer could really answer what he intended by shooting it. The great minds at Sony are still clueless about black culture but they know how to create a buzz.

  3. buieVick Says:

    Praise The Lord! it’s not really racist because it is just a bill board but it is however offensive to those who are still feeling that it’s hard to over come because the white man is always the majority and the majority rules and nobody wants a white man to make them feel like he still thinks of African Americans as colored, coons, and niggers. As if we are second class citizens that can not listen,think,speak, feel, and see. We are very very intelligent beautiful black people and we do not want our dark skin to be compromised in a way that you would use it to make us look ignorant. May God Bless in Jesus Christ Holy Name.Thank God, Amen.

  4. King Says:

    In a word… NO!

    But they sure got your attention didn’t they… SONY MISSION COMPLETE!!

  5. mark Says:


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