“On Top of Their Game”

— July 10th, 2006 —

A lot of you guys who read the site give me props and credit for the things that I speak about. But I really don’t think that I’m the cat’s meow. Not like the people who I am a fan of.

These veteran writers and just all around firestarters (sorry, Jimi) in the game both online and off. I respect them and read what they jot down.

Bomani Jones

— This brother is mean. Not saying that because over the course of my time trying to be a “professional” writer, we actually became friends. Currently writes for ESPN.com, but you can also find him at AOL Black Voices, Black Sports Network.com, Salon.com and elsewhere. The brother is far from a new jack, but his swing is undeniable. Will have you laughing over some of the stuff that he writes and is the only person that I know who can pull Meagan Good without saying much.

William Ketchum III

— A cool friend and even cooler partner-in-crime. As soon as we get “Real Talk” up off the ground, you’ll see why. The guy is hilarious and is as knowledgeable about the Hip-Hop game, as I am. We both write for a lot of the same sites (HipHopDX.com mainly). A relatively young man, Willie Ketch, has written for Elemental, URB, (Right On!?! — just kidding, dude) The Ave (one of my fav. mags), and Mass Appeal (not the one with the Clipse on the cover). Has mad talent and incredible drive. He’s been writing professionally for a minute now and his comments and advice have helped me understand the business of writing. This kid is onto some big things… now if he can just get his NABJ membership on and poppin’…

Byron Crawford

— “The Mindset of a Champion” — Bol goes on to piss people the fuck off! Some like UGK (Bun B and Pimp C) deserve it and try to get back at Mr. Crawford (Bun) for just merely expressing himself. I got hip to the site through Cleveland-native, jimi izreal and was impressed from then-on. The sheer cajones (nullus) is what makes people read, sit back and say, “I can’t believe he took it there.” I guess that’s what having the “mindset of a champion” is all about — having the gall, compassion, and intellect to say what you say and mean it. Bol currently is the resident hellraiser over at XXLMag.com, along with fellow shit talker, Elliot Wilson. I’ve only had one comment from Mr. Crawford at this site once I finished my first post… and it was to talk about how I jacked up his name [laughs]. All in all, I respect dukes hustle and how he’s able to make people cringe and laugh at the same time.

Tara Pringle 

— She’s truly an original. Another Cleveland-native, this young lady is an absolute dynamo. Taught me what I know now (although she kept a few secrets for herself) and is currently an intern over at Reader’s Digest. Former Editor of UHURU Magazine, a former columnist and member of the editorial board for The Daily Kent Stater, CEO of Mahogany Media, and an all-around badass of a writer for all things great and small. She recently got engaged to a very good and humble man (nullus) and has a lot of life to look forward too. She is one of my closest friends, colleagues, the whole shabangabang and I wish her continued success… plus, I know I got a job somewhere in the future! You can find her new blog home, here at “Word ‘n’ Such” — enjoy!

Panama Jackson, The Brutha Code & Dayrell

— From the opening sentences, you’re able to gather what any one of these three are thinking. Whether it’s about wanting to beat the Elmo stuffing out of a DJ or talking about the “strenf” of women, these three are hilarious. I used to work with Panama at this site called, “We The Voices” — he is a good man and smarter than the average crackhead (lol). Brutha, a member of Omega Psi Phi, is just straight-up funny. I remember reading about an episode that he had in a club in Japan (or some Oriental place) and being approach by two Asians. He went on to act as niggerish as possible, sheer comedy. Ms. Day-Day is a trusted friend, who is an R&B fan if anything else. She does get down with Little Brother, but give her some Dwele anyday. There contributions are the reason why I can walk around with a smile on my face.


— “Making Hoes Sit Down Since 2005” is the reason why I’ve stood up to applaud Ms. Freshalina. On the average, the comments range from 100-200+ about any and everything. Whether it’s applauding Monica or damning Wendy Williams, Fresh is always the go-to-woman when it comes to the hottest gossip and illest photos. She is currently a columnist over at XXLMag.com and has contributed to the magazine-in-print, as well. A funny and exciting person, Ms. Fresh has a lot more in store for us.

There’s a lot more people that I know that get considerable burn and press so here are a few honorable mentions:

Matt Barone, Tara Henley, Quibian Salazar-Moreno, jimi izreal, Hashim Warren, Justin Charles (at FlavorPill.net), and new Vibe Editor-in-Chief… Danyel Smith.

Either these are people who I’ve just recently got acquainted with or people who I just read and really don’t get a chance to chop it up at all.

What’s next?: Editorial for HHDX.com and a few interviews… but I’m sworn to secrecy.


4 Responses to ““On Top of Their Game””

  1. bomani Says:

    you’re far too kind, sir.

  2. kiesha Says:

    I read some of them and I agree (Panama, Bruthacode, Fresh). I will def be checking out the others!

  3. Dayrell Says:

    where’s my link homie??!? i’m back blogging on blogger again. LOL j/k

    thanx for the shout kev. you’re not to shabby yourself. 😉

  4. Jules Says:

    Good look with those sites, yo.

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