“As Summer Fades Away”

— July 14th, 2006 —

The time is winding down to when students shall course through the halls of academia, professors and graduate assistants alike will be grading term papers. The freshmen will come in and be surprised as to how many black people there really are at KSU. The rest of us will come back to see familiar faces and begin the same rigamarole as years before. New gossip, new crushes, new cliques shall emerge. But as the saying goes, “The more things change… the more they stay the same.” Facebook and MySpace shall still be all the rage and will be secondary when it comes to communicating with someone (first being cell phones, iPod, or whatever new techno-junk is out there now).

The parties will be live. Some girls will become “go-livers” and drama shall ensue from the minute that Kupita is over. All in all, it’ll be fun. I wonder where the parties will be since the ballroom is shut down for renovations. Three the Hard Way/Tribe-D will continue to reign supreme over nearly everyone. UHURU Magazine and all parties involved shall experience an adrenaline rush of anticipation for this year’s design. There’s new staff, new designers, and a second semester editor-in-chief.

As Summer fades away, I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. A new life, a new journey continues, a goal to strive harder than the next.


One Response to ““As Summer Fades Away””

  1. Brown Suga Says:

    I don’t think this summer has been great; maybe because I was broke majority of the time but that never changes, lol. Let’s see; I have many goals that I still haven’t accomplished and its too much to list but I hope the world doesn’t end before I accomplish them.


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