“Taking the Road Less Travelled”

— July 20th, 2006 —

This brother is a friend, a comrade, and a revolutionary minded lyricist with the heart of a lion and the soul of Féla Kuti. I am talking about Blitz. The government and his momma may know him as, Samuel Bazawule, but to the public at large, he’s Blitz the Ambassador.

Make sure that you check out the website to view his two critically acclaimed videos, “Black Market” and “The Road Less Travelled”

That same road led him to a path on Allhiphop.com, my boy illseed already had the CD (probably because Blitz sold it to him… lol) and was familiar with the music. MySpace is indeed the way of the future as you can check out what was said about Mr. Bazawule here.

What’s Next?

If you haven’t checked out my interview with Ms. Millie Rivera over at HipHopDX.com, please get familiar. There’s more to come with the Beauty & Brains sex… er I mean, section… [laughs]. Ms. Bria Myles and Ms. Marianna Hewitt are next up to bat and their swings are mean… if you know what I mean. A few editorials are in the work and upward mobiliarity [huh??] is what this is all about. Oh… remember Luke & Q?! Hahaha… be on the lookout.

Oh… also, not confirmed, but it probably is going to go down — you’re now looking at the Vice President of the National Association of Black Journalists (Kent State Chapter). Finally, the Spring 2006 edition of UHURU Magazine has been out and for anyone who doesn’t have a copy, please get it. The website will be up and running… one way or another.

As the weekend approaches, please — take the time out to understand the world around you and continue to grind hard!



2 Responses to ““Taking the Road Less Travelled””

  1. G. Cornelius Says:

    Dig that…Congradulations!

    I’ll keep you posted

  2. Youngblood Says:

    first, i dont think that you check your writing before you enter it… read it again. and i still didnt get my copy of UHURU from you. Thanks… what a pal!! LOL

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