“On My New York Ssssh….”

— July 21. 2006 —

As soon as I figure out to freak out that slide show on Photobucket.com, you’ll be able to see all the flicks from this Summer and before.

You know I love New York. It’s always been home of the greats. I mean Busta Rhymes broke it down for you simpletons — New York ain’t done. Do I think that that’ll be the place where I will forever rest my head?! I really hope so, but you can’t call everything like Babe Ruth or Mike Jordan (both New Yorkers).

But the people there aren’t as bad as you make it and that is where all the movers and shakers are at. So, look out everyone, I will leave the Buckeye State for the Buck-Fifty one and I got my boots strapped up tight. Just let you know, I’m on my New York Ssshhh


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