“New Music Thursdays”

— July 27th, 2006 —

The good folks at The Room Service Group (whattup, Rubes!) hit me off with some music for your listening pleasure.


— In addition to being on the newest season of “Celebrity Fit Club” — duke is still a rapper… You can listen to his new song, “Lights, Camera, Action” — by clicking here.


— Still going strong even after the show is off the air (he’s probably eating off of those DVD risidual checks). The Bad Boy on Bad Boy South has a new burner for the streets. It’s called “Walk With Me” (not original at all) — and it features Mr. Get-Knocked Out, Roy Jones, Jr. and Juvenile. You can listen to this track below:

Winamp or MP3.

Kiddies, you can understand this next artists’ pain. Coming up underneath a “superstar sibling” can definitely be tough. Getting involved with the likes of Suge Knight and the gang culture out there on the West Coast can also be trying. But Ray J has persevered through it all. Even has a nice album that’s being slept-on heavily. Here’s goes of my favorite baby-makin’ songs that is his newest single.

“Let’s Play House”Hi Med Low

Also, be on the lookout for some pictures from the 2006 JMC Summer Diversity Program and read that interview with Ms. Bria Myles. Also, an in-depth interview with Ms. Carla Smith, exclusive for Real Recognize Real, about her upcoming show — “Such is Life.


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