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“Seven Questions with… Buffie the Body”

August 30, 2006

— August 29th, 2006 —

On, yours truly, talked to Ms. Buffie the Body for an exclusive interview. Afterwards, we chewed the booty phat over what is to be a continued series here on “Real Recognize Real.” I thank Ms. Buffie the Body for being candid with her answers.

Hell, it got so good that it turned into “Fourteen Questions…” – so part two will definitely poke out (pun intended) in a little while. Enjoy.


RRR: The world seems to be in so much turmoil nowadays. Bush’s approval ratings are low and war is running rampant across the globe. Do you follow along with what’s going on in the news and if you were running things what would you change?

Buffie: I don’t follow any of that. But if I were running things I would change the fact that there are too many homeless people in this world. There wouldn’t be any homeless people. Also I would make it possible for inmates who have been released from jail to find jobs. If they have done their time, why keep punishing them when they are discharged! Let the convicts who are trying to do right… DO RIGHT!

RRR: A lot of people live their lives vicariously through celebrities. You, being a profiled individual within the hip-hop culture, are envied and loved by many. If there was one truth that everyone should know about celebrities — what would it be?

Buffie: Not all of them are rich just because you see them on TV. Also not all of them are happy and content just because they are wealthy.

RRR: So, are you involved within the community? If so, what movements do you associate with?

Buffie: No. But I would love to be more involved in the Cancer community. I lost my sister last year from Cancer. So it made me look at life differently. There are a lot of people living with and dying from Cancer among the African American community.

RRR: Since you’re striving to get your money — if Congress approved for black people to get their reperations, what would you do with it?

Buffie: Buy up all the Real Estate and become a Real Estate Tycoon.

RRR: Seeing as how you’d be financially well-off, what else would you do? Start a family?

Buffie: Honestly, that’s the only way I would start a family… I would have to be RICH! Seeing that I didn’t grow up with all the nicer things that other kids had, I would make sure my child had everything!

RRR: Would you like to be married with a nice house, white picket fence, a puppy? I’m not really into the “married life.”

Buffie: Nice house… Yes. Puppy…Yes.

RRR: Having been in relationships before, what do you think is one mistake that all men make?

Buffie: Trying to have too many women! LOL! And not letting the ex-girlfriend know that he has a new girlfriend.
In part deux, Buffie talks sex… Yessir! Be on the lookout with interviews from Britni Cardosa, The Clipse, Cali, Hoopz (yes, that Hoopz!!!), Vakill, DJ Furious Styles, and Mojoe.


You can read the interview with Ms. Buffie the Body by clicking on the link here.


“Business Piece”

August 24, 2006

— August 24th, 2006 —

It’s been a long time, sorry that I’ve kept you, but I have finally broken ground. I write for various websites, but the one that has escaped my grasp has been I’ll give more of the story when I have time to blog about it. My interview with Houston MC, PKT, is on the site, right now. If you get a chance, check it out.

“Love For Free”

August 17, 2006

— August 16th, 2006 —

I know a lot of words have been said. A lot of scenarios have presented themselves, but the real definitely recognizes the real and with that being said… I present…

From me to Jay-Z’s 2nd greatest fan, you already know what it is. 🙂

“Mr. Money in the Bank”

August 16, 2006

— August 16th, 2006 —

Sorry that I’ve been away, I promise I’ll hit you with some new happenings soon. But to tide you over… here goes Lil’ Scrappy’s not so new song, “Money in the Bank”

“Business Piece”

August 7, 2006

— August 7th, 2006 —

What’s up everyone? How is your Monday? You can check out The Roots album review that I did for

What’s Next?!

Them Memphis Boys — Juicy J of Three Six Mafia and Project Pat sat down with your boy to talk about a few things. Also, Ms. Buffie the Booty — errr… Body is coming soon. New additions to the Beauty & Brains section and as always you can get that real talk from Willie Ketch and myself. Get familiar folks! Enjoy your week!


The interview with Ms. Marianna is up and running over at Just wrapped up the interviews with Project Pat and Three Six Mafia and Ms. Buffie the Body. So be on the look out for all that.

“The Descent Is More Than Decent”

August 6, 2006

— August 6th, 2006 —

My crew and I went to go see “The Descent” last night. Although, most outlets have it pegged as being a 2005 movie, this film written and directed by Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers — 2002) starred a cast of virtual unknowns.

The plot — if you don’t know by now — is about a group of women who go cave spelunking, a year after the main character (Sarah) loses her husband and daughter in a horrible car accident.

Juno (Natalie Mendoza) leads the rambunctious youngins down into a cave never before-explored. Smart, right?!


They find the horrible human-bat hybrids who dwell in the inner sactum of the cave. Not to give anything else away, but this movie was great. Possibly one of the best films that I’ve seen this summer. Having already heard rave reviews not only in the press, but with friends as well — seeing this movie really had my attention. People in the crowd were jumping and were really pulled into the flick. The makings of a great movie. Hey… the British can’t be wrong all the time, right? Check out the awards already won by this movie.

Even before the movie, my joints were trembling because somehow, someway, James Wan and Leigh Whannell find a way to come out with this movie totally under the radar. Below is the link to the web site — when a trailer is available, it’ll be posted here — first!

Saw III – Oh, yes! There will be MORE blood!


“What The $%&@!”

August 6, 2006

— August 6th, 2006 —

I used to be a fan. Their songs were baby-making classics. Women used to fawn over these guerillas!?! Then they broke up!

That’s right… All you nineties cats show your age as you give it up for…


I know somewhere S-Boogie is shaking her head. (Pictures courtesy G. Cornelius Harris)

“Ready For Some Cake?!!?”

August 3, 2006

— August 3rd, 2006 —

This shout out goes to my best friend, Cabbage Patch C — here is the video… “Cake” by the Boy Blunder aka, Lloyd Banks.

“Alternate Alternative Video”

August 2, 2006

— August 1st, 2006 —

Gnarls Barkley is back and they are trying Kanyé West this “Smiley Faces” video. Check it out.


August 2, 2006

— August 1st, 2006 —

Today, I got the chance to sit down with Rick Senften. Looks like your boy will be getting into a lil’ bit of (not-so) freelance work with the Canton Repository. I owe a thanks to two people for this one. Imani Salahuddin and Gene Shelton [pics coming soon]. You two really do a grand service, not only to the world of Journalism and aboard, but you’ve also been able to cultivate myself as a better writer, man, and listener.

To Gene:

You are an incredible force that is as gentle as a calm breeze, yet has the intensity of a tenacious lion. I applaud you for always being in my corner (even when I’m wrong) and helping me to continue my pursuit of being an ever-changing, yet always strong black man. There aren’t too many people in this world that are like you, Gene and I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me behind the scenes and otherwise.

To Imani:

Having only seen you in sparce occasions always made me wonder who it is you were. Always taking up my seat in Gene’s office. But when we finally got a chance to converse, it was great. An instant confidant and an ear to listen to. You’re both perplexing and easy to figure out. This year will be an interesting one to say the least. Good luck with all of your plans. Continue to strive for the stars and you know people will have your back along the way.


Everyone in my life has been an inspiration of sorts. Even down to the people who are no longer here. I applaud everything that has happened because it happened. It could’ve never been if the cards were dealt differently. So, as I continue to get my “Pinky & The Brain” on, follow me on this journey of growth and expansion. Dreams do come true.

One of them just happens to be featured in the “What’s Next?” section…

What’s Next?!

I still have an interview with Ms. Bria Myles running over at So go check that out. I have a dream that has come true and her name is Hoopz. Yes!!! This Hoopz! Also… be on the lookout as your boy sits down with Ms. New (or is it huge?!!?) Booty, Buffie the Body. Oh, yes… seeing is believing! A few pitches are thrown, let’s see if I can hit one of them out of the park. School is getting ready to gear up so new pieces for the Stater and UHURU are in the works.

Speaking of — did you know that we have our own commercial. Get on board with the best!!