— August 1st, 2006 —

Today, I got the chance to sit down with Rick Senften. Looks like your boy will be getting into a lil’ bit of (not-so) freelance work with the Canton Repository. I owe a thanks to two people for this one. Imani Salahuddin and Gene Shelton [pics coming soon]. You two really do a grand service, not only to the world of Journalism and aboard, but you’ve also been able to cultivate myself as a better writer, man, and listener.

To Gene:

You are an incredible force that is as gentle as a calm breeze, yet has the intensity of a tenacious lion. I applaud you for always being in my corner (even when I’m wrong) and helping me to continue my pursuit of being an ever-changing, yet always strong black man. There aren’t too many people in this world that are like you, Gene and I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me behind the scenes and otherwise.

To Imani:

Having only seen you in sparce occasions always made me wonder who it is you were. Always taking up my seat in Gene’s office. But when we finally got a chance to converse, it was great. An instant confidant and an ear to listen to. You’re both perplexing and easy to figure out. This year will be an interesting one to say the least. Good luck with all of your plans. Continue to strive for the stars and you know people will have your back along the way.


Everyone in my life has been an inspiration of sorts. Even down to the people who are no longer here. I applaud everything that has happened because it happened. It could’ve never been if the cards were dealt differently. So, as I continue to get my “Pinky & The Brain” on, follow me on this journey of growth and expansion. Dreams do come true.

One of them just happens to be featured in the “What’s Next?” section…

What’s Next?!

I still have an interview with Ms. Bria Myles running over at HipHopDX.com. So go check that out. I have a dream that has come true and her name is Hoopz. Yes!!! This Hoopz! Also… be on the lookout as your boy sits down with Ms. New (or is it huge?!!?) Booty, Buffie the Body. Oh, yes… seeing is believing! A few pitches are thrown, let’s see if I can hit one of them out of the park. School is getting ready to gear up so new pieces for the Stater and UHURU are in the works.

Speaking of HHDX.com — did you know that we have our own commercial. Get on board with the best! HipHopDX.com!


3 Responses to ““Inspiration””

  1. Brown Suga Says:

    LOL, what’s the noise about about Buffy, tho?

    Can you say butt implants? And I am not hating, lol. She is beautiful but I do believe her A$$ is artificial…

    Let me know how the interview with Hoopz go.


  2. Kevin L. Clark Says:

    Thanks for the comments! I honestly think that Buffie isn’t all that. Her booty is way past gargantuan for my appetite. But it’ll be a hit at HipHopDX.com. If I can the interview with Hoopz in person, you’ll see pics hit here first!!! 🙂 Also, you enjoy that Jean Grae show?

  3. Youngblood Says:

    The funny thing is, I had that magazine with Hoopz in it and the only thing I didnt like was her in the blonde wig… NO. But good luck with your interview. Then Buffie?? Ive seen her magazine and think that she needs to go somewhere. I know a few guys who like her butt and being who I am, I say… Its alright. But Im also not really into asses like that!!

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