“Cleaning Out My Closet”

— September 13th, 2006 —

I guess I’ll save my Tupac dialouge for a little bit later today. Some other things are on my chest. I feel burned out. It’s already the third week in the college semester and I feel like I am more than ready to take a permanent vacation.

Maybe school’s not in the cards for me. I already attempted and didn’t do such a smooth job of it the first go-around. Now it seems like I’m just not even motivated to get it. I really don’t want to be a “Rochelle” — but right now I really don’t have the umph to complete my tasks.

UHURU Magazine is running behind on a supreme lack on my part. I am changing that with the quickness, but in my heart of hearts I wonder if I can make it to the finish line this year. I want to graduate and go to Columbia for grad school. I am not focused on being “Big Man on Campus,” yet… I can’t escape the public eye. I haven’t really gone out to party and have only went to events like the cookout and tonight’s “Black and White” to support Black United Students’ programming.

I feel drained. The pizazz isn’t there. Some people can actually tell because it’s beginning to affect my disposition. I need to be able to succeed, because losing is not an option. So I guess I have to get schooled by the people from the past because I stepped into this position blindly and have since felt my way around.

So, my close friend and colleague, Ms. Tara Pringle (Jefferson… movin’ on up, I see?!) — I will be in touch with you soon.

What’s Next?

I have an interview with Sammie (yes, that Sammie…) today and I have to finish up my interview with DJ Furious Styles. I’ll talk about Tupac tonight after I get some studying done.


2 Responses to ““Cleaning Out My Closet””

  1. Princess Says:

    School is one of those places that take the drain out of life. You willdo fine. Its only the beginning and you do have the time. Im sure you work a lot, but dont stress. Pieces will fall together soon enough. Keep your head up.

  2. Miss Lady Says:

    Wow Kev… I guess we were on the same page for a second, but it looks like both of us have recovered and are back on top of our games. Jus keep looking up bc He’s the onli one that can guarentee our happiness and success!! Thanx for supportin me in my time of feelin down and pushin me up when you were on the same level as me (if not lower). You’re the greatest Kevin L. Clark there will ever be….never forget that!

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