— September 24th, 2006 —

The culture that I love is steadily going down the toilet. Only because of garbage like “Chicken Noodle Soup”, “Snap Music”, and that “Fry That Chicken (see a few posts below) shit do I believe such a trend is happening. The champion, Bol Crawford goes into a lengthy diatribe about “Minstrel Rap Music” over at XXLMag.com. But I think that this music may be a detriment to us as men and women.

Snap music has grown men flickin’ their wrists and poppin’ harder than that Tip Drill video. Is that really acceptable in the hyper-masculine culture of Hip-Hop? The music, itself, is all fun for what it provides in the clubs — but the imagery poses an interesting question:

Are these dance-themed genres of Hip-Hop bringing the culture back to its roots? Or are they spitting in the face of their forefathers?

I did an interview a few months ago with DJ Webstar for NobodySmiling.com and what I found interesting was that Webstar (not Webster…) felt that he was providing a positive outlet for the youth of Harlem.

So, does this:

Resemble this:

As far as that “Fry That Chicken” video is concerned…

Lemme get my Ron Mexico on…

Ms. Peaches seems to be favoring Mr. Sausage… fuck what you heard! Whatever mosque s/he stole that purple kufi from the Fruit of Islam should find that thing and beat it for disrespecting the Qu’ran. Is it just me or does that RuPaul stunt double sound a little bit like a coked-out Lil’ Jon?


So, Fat Albert and the Food Stamp Kids go to the backwoods to fry some chicken. Really?!!? PETA should be called in because this American Gladiator reject is showcasing her cruelty to animals. There’s no way that s/he should be doing this to these kids like that. I wonder what the production cost was for this monstrosity?

Oh, shit… The kids are dancing in the video. Bet you their parents are proud. YouTube won’t do these youngin’s any justice when/if they try to get some higher education. My guess is the lil’ fat boy was the one who made that Peachez sign at the beginning of the video. Let’s hope the kids weren’t excited when they came back to school. If any of these teachers had any sense they’d beat they asses.

If this shit makes it in the club I will not only Lee Harvey Oswald the DJ, but I’ll find Mr. T-Peachez and really give that thing something to dance about.

…Oh, I knew where I saw that “somethin” from… wasn’t that that beastly looking broadie from this season of Flavor of Love?



7 Responses to ““Heartless…””

  1. Milo Says:

    Wassup Kev,

    I may be the only person to see the irony in chicken noodle soup.

    We’ve all heard it: violence, drugs, and sex in the rap community are giving blacks and other minorities a bad image.

    So why is it that there’s infinitely more protest toward Chicken Noodle Soup than say… T.I.?

    Can I ask a potentially awkward question? Who do you want black people to be? I hear a lot of, “We’ve come so far, how come we’re acting like fucking idiots?” and think damn… That’s a shame, because those alledged fucking idiots seem to be having a great time.

    The girl singing Chicken Noodle Soup isn’t in the streets whoring herself. Those kids in Fry That Chicken aren’t waving guns in the air. Those kids in Harlem really DO have something to do through it.

    I think you’re taking it way too seriously. Trust me, if I was offended by every stupid thing white people did, my head would pop.

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