“Business Piece”

— September 26th, 2006 —

I love my job(s).

I got a chance to interview a good friend of mines and graduate of Kent State University. You may know him as… Blitz the Ambassador. But I know him as, “Baza”. You can read the interview in its entirety at AllHipHop.com.

I want to thank Melanie J. Cornish and Steve “Influenza” Raza (lol) — for putting me on. Blitz makes my third piece with the site and I hope that it leads to doing much more with the site. Be sure to check out my last pieces with C-Ride and PKT.

What’s Next?

I have a few editorials that’ll hopefully go up before the end of this month. I have an interview with Hoopz to run over at HHDX.com. As well as a new face for the Beauty & Brains section with Cali. As well as a few album reviews from Daz, Wade Water, and Kidz in the Hall (personal favorite). Also, there are quite a few big moves that I can’t really go into detail about right now (don’t want to jinx myself), but when they break out. The floodgates will be partially open. So, keep an eye out on Kevin L. Clark, apart of the new generation of Hip-Hop writers (Starr, Ketchum, Cornish, Bear Frazer, and others…)


My interview with DJ Furious Styles (really humble cat, by the way) is up over at NobodySmiling.com. Go ‘head and get your shine on… everyone else is!

*Update #2*

The piece with Cali is running at HipHopDX.com. Thanks to everyone who commented there and here in support of Ms. Banks.


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