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“Business Piece”

October 23, 2006

— October 23rd, 2006 —

It’s been a busy two weeks, but it is well worth it. I have a lot of things that are in the pocket right now.

At, I just wrapped up another interview for the Breeding Ground section with Vallejo, California to Atlanta, GA transplant — Willie Joe. The young 22-year-old MC has a nice lil’ single out featuring Yola called, Get ‘Em, Got ‘Em. Pretty nice joint, too. has been really good to me this month. I have a lot of stuff there and a lot more to come. The Beauty & Brains section (nicknamed — Kevin’s House O’ Beauties) has Charlene “Cali” Banks sitting down with me for a nice interview. She was also gracious enough to sit down and do Seven Questions with… and made it one of the highest commented pieces on Real Recognize Real (Thanks Char!).

Up next is Ms. Arica Adams. She is in charge of her own public relations firm called, Hazel Eyez Entertainment, and she will be the next to grace the Beauty & Brains page. Real Talk will be up this week, as Ketchum and I give color commentary about what’s going in the Hip-Hop culture. Also, LupĂ© Fiasco (kinda old, but hey…) chopped it up with me, but that next week, ya boy Diddy talked with me, too! Interesting story — you definitely have to have patience when dealing with Sean Combs. He is like a big multi-tasking kid. He was doing so much at one time while talking to me that I was glad that it didn’t eat into the 20-minutes that I had when talking to him. But he seems like a humble-arrogant guy (oxymoron, I know…). Also in the can is, Akon and Consequence. Two pieces that I hope go up this month (Come on, Andreas!!!)

At, my editorial about why Hip-Hop will never die is running now. But coming up will be an interview with the Don Cartengena — Fat Joe. Also, I have an editorial that’ll be up soon about the top 10 (there’s more than 10, though…) Jay-Z moments. CrackSpace has Megan Rochell and retired NBA player, Jonathan Bender set to run. And later today, I will be talking with Dres from Black Sheep for All this before I go back “home” to New York City.

The hustle never ends. Enjoy your week!


Fat Joe piece is up and running at Remember T.R.O.Y.?! Two points goes to the person who can say who, not only, were the artists on the track — but what was the sample that was used. 🙂

Anyways — the Jay-Z editorial is up there at, too.


“Business Piece”

October 12, 2006

— October12th, 2006 —

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen — some good news is out there in the streets.

LupĂ© Fiasco and I got a chance to really get in-depth about his career, the leak of his classic debut album, and his feelings about his “blackness” at I also have Ms. Charlene Banks and Hoopz that are running on the site as well. Be on the lookout for Seven Questions with Hoopz and Cali (Part II).

Another one of my favorite MCs, Queensbridge’s own — AZ sat down with me for an interview at about his forthcoming new album The Format (due in November), how he hopes to work with Nas in the future, and how the game has changed.

On CrackSpace, I have an interview with rising songstress — Megan Rochell. She talks about her career and manages to flirt with your boy, too.

At, there is an editorial (albeit… kind of short) about how Hip-Hop Will Never Die. Somewhat an interesting read, I think.

What’s Next?

Consequence, Akon, Jonathan Bender, and a whole boatload of bevvies! Oh… and your boy is interviewing Mr. Proactiv today! Also, it’s homecoming week here at Kent State University; Chingy and Ray Cash will be performing and I’ll be right there.

“New York, New York”

October 11, 2006

— October 11th, 2006 —

My condolences go out to the people who parished in today’s plane crash in NYC. It was recently updated that one of the deceased was Yankee’s pitcher, Corey Lidle. Prayers and sincere solace goes to the families who’ve lost a love one.

I will talk about business stuff later. Enjoy the rest of your day and always tell your loved ones how you feel.


“Business Piece”

October 9, 2006

— October 9th, 2006 —

There is an upstart website started by Chuck “Babygrande” Wilson called CrackSpace. It is a mixture of MySpace and YouTube with a Hip-Hop twist. Mr. Wilson is a respected figure in the industry and along with Quibian Salazar-Moreno and others, they have cultivated an alternative to the already popular formats presented by MySpace and YouTube. William E. Ketchum and Starrene Rhett are a few of the writers down with CrackSpace.

I also have a piece that I did with rising R&B sensation Megan Rochelle. Check it out.


10/11: You can read my interview with AZ at

“Hi-Tek is My Favorite Producer…”

October 9, 2006

— October 9th, 2006 —

Hi-Tek is bringing that boom-bap, New York State of Mind-rap back into the mix. His creative and soul-stirring beats have found a home on Hip-Hop sites from to The beat maven, who is Dr. Dre’s right arm, is ready to come back on the scene with Hi-Teknology 2… and I cannot wait.

Keep It Movin’ with Q-Tip and Kurupt is a lovely concoction of funk mixed in with an R&B-esque taste. The song finds Tip and Young Gotti’s verses volleying off the syncopated hand claps and harmonious singing in the background. There is a swaying crescendo that keeps the listener in-tune with the flow of the song. Personally, this is one of my favorite — not just because of who’s all on the track — but because of the hooks symbolism:

Got to go that way — Keep it movin’…
‘Cause you ain’t tryna get paid — Keep it movin’…
Steppin’ out on faith, ready for whatever…
It’s written so can’t worry ’bout what’s next, cause… you’ll never know…

The single that is currently getting mad airplay is the New York staple, Where It All Started At. The song features some monstrous verses from Jadakiss and Talib Kweli and has appearances from Papoose and Raekwon. The song is very nostalgic. Hell, it brings me back to ’93-’94 Hip-Hop. Tek’s sampling is key to bridging the appreciation for the city that started this Hip-Hop shit and creating anticipation for the rappers who give thanks to this.

The key to this album is its organic sound. The production is crisp and the head-nod factor alone has me praying to the Hip-Hop gods that a certain Brooklyn MC will get back into the lab and churn out another classic…

Reflection Eternal… 2!!!

“Business Piece”

October 6, 2006

— October 6th, 2006 —

It’s been a busy week for your boy. Real Talk with the homie, William Ketchum III is up at Also, my interview with the lovely, Hoopz, is up and running too! Also, don’t forget to check out the other stuff that is running at and, as well.

What’s Next?

Another editorial, AZ for, Consequence, retired NBA star — Johnathan Bender, Melyssa Ford, Ester Baxter (envy me now or later… makes no difference!), and LupĂ© Fiasco for

“Digest Your Reading”

October 5, 2006

— October 5th, 2006 —

In light of certain events, I must apologize for my error. My friend and former boss, Tara Pringle, has been published in a national publication.

Ladies and Gentlemen… Please, I impore and urge you, to pick up a copy of the newest issue of Reader’s Digest. In the back of the mag, you’ll find two pieces from the veteran writer-slash-editor.

She is truly someone who is on the up-and-up. Now, if she would only get some much needed rest and pampering. The world would be able to breathe easier knowing that all things are taken care of. Keep up the great work, Ms. (Mrs.) Pringle (Jefferson).

“Business Piece”

October 4, 2006

— October 4th, 2006 —

One of the things that I really was trying to keep under wraps was that I now write for My first piece is up right now with Peanut Butter Wolf, head of Stones Throw Records.

This is a very good look for yours truly. I have to call it like it is. Ketchum III is over there too. Be sure to check out his interview with DJ Shadow. If you’re not hip, then definitely do so!

Also, the lovely Ms. Starr has a nice feature at with Taboo from Black Eye Peas. Check it out as well.

Anyways, back to work. Akon, AZ, and Johnathan Bender for the rest of this week. Peace.

“Flight of the Bumblebee”

October 3, 2006

— October 2nd, 2006 —

I came back from Virginia a changed man. I have to say that there are plenty of women down there that are just kazaam! But… I will say one of the interesting things that I saw down there is how closely life down there resembles Drumline.

It’s not secret that HBCU’s live and die by two things alone — football and the band. Hell, people were trying to get me to stay because Hampton University and Howard University have a football game coming up billed as “Who’s the REAL HU!?!”

For a man who’s never attended an HBCU, I fit in pretty well. I made a few friends, got a lot of flicks, and had a lot of fun. There was this one thing though… it made me… think…

Remember in the movie (Drumline), the girls who were in the dance team. Women really act like that?! I saw nine women… at the same time… take the cap off of a water bottle (yes… a damn water bottle!), place the cap on the other side of the body, raise the bottle up in the air, and drink it at the same time.

Funniest shit of the day.

Well, there was that and the guy who has a million suits in his car just chillin’.

He was called Mr. C-I-double-A or something like that. He had a suit to match the school colors of every HBCU in the nation. A Pimp Named FAFSA came out in a blue and gold suit… about twenty minutes after running to the mobile home hidden behind the Union, he came out in Norfolk State colors.


Glad to be back. Because people there take the band seriously. Like… to the heart. NSU’s Cavalry (which I was a part of for the day) was about to get jumped by North Carolina A&T’s band for walking in their “zone”. We heckled the smish-smash out of them as Norfolk beat them 42-20.

I enjoyed myself though. Loved the scenery. Will put up a few flicks if I feel like it.

Got a lot of work up and running. Look below for info. Hoopz is about to run this week, Peanut Butter Wolf, LupĂ© Fiasco, Akon (…and Young Jeezy…), and more to come. It’ll be a busy few months. I’ll… keep you posted!


Oh, yeah! Support my peoples… Go and read Starrene Rhett’s interview over at with Black Eye Peas member… Taboo (the kung-fu looking guy with the El Debarge hair).

Black Writers! [Inside joke type of thing…]