“Flight of the Bumblebee”

— October 2nd, 2006 —

I came back from Virginia a changed man. I have to say that there are plenty of women down there that are just kazaam! But… I will say one of the interesting things that I saw down there is how closely life down there resembles Drumline.

It’s not secret that HBCU’s live and die by two things alone — football and the band. Hell, people were trying to get me to stay because Hampton University and Howard University have a football game coming up billed as “Who’s the REAL HU!?!”

For a man who’s never attended an HBCU, I fit in pretty well. I made a few friends, got a lot of flicks, and had a lot of fun. There was this one thing though… it made me… think…

Remember in the movie (Drumline), the girls who were in the dance team. Women really act like that?! I saw nine women… at the same time… take the cap off of a water bottle (yes… a damn water bottle!), place the cap on the other side of the body, raise the bottle up in the air, and drink it at the same time.

Funniest shit of the day.

Well, there was that and the guy who has a million suits in his car just chillin’.

He was called Mr. C-I-double-A or something like that. He had a suit to match the school colors of every HBCU in the nation. A Pimp Named FAFSA came out in a blue and gold suit… about twenty minutes after running to the mobile home hidden behind the Union, he came out in Norfolk State colors.


Glad to be back. Because people there take the band seriously. Like… to the heart. NSU’s Cavalry (which I was a part of for the day) was about to get jumped by North Carolina A&T’s band for walking in their “zone”. We heckled the smish-smash out of them as Norfolk beat them 42-20.

I enjoyed myself though. Loved the scenery. Will put up a few flicks if I feel like it.

Got a lot of work up and running. Look below for info. Hoopz is about to run this week, Peanut Butter Wolf, LupĂ© Fiasco, Akon (…and Young Jeezy…), and more to come. It’ll be a busy few months. I’ll… keep you posted!


Oh, yeah! Support my peoples… Go and read Starrene Rhett’s interview over at BallerStatus.net with Black Eye Peas member… Taboo (the kung-fu looking guy with the El Debarge hair).

Black Writers! [Inside joke type of thing…]


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