“Business Piece”

— October 4th, 2006 —

One of the things that I really was trying to keep under wraps was that I now write for XXLMag.com. My first piece is up right now with Peanut Butter Wolf, head of Stones Throw Records.

This is a very good look for yours truly. I have to call it like it is. Ketchum III is over there too. Be sure to check out his interview with DJ Shadow. If you’re not hip, then definitely do so!

Also, the lovely Ms. Starr has a nice feature at BallerStatus.net with Taboo from Black Eye Peas. Check it out as well.

Anyways, back to work. Akon, AZ, and Johnathan Bender for the rest of this week. Peace.


2 Responses to ““Business Piece””

  1. Ketchums Says:

    Thanks for the love

  2. Mrs. Jefferson Says:

    I mean, dang Kev, I thought we were tight. You could AT LEAST mention to people that I got a couple of items running in Reader’s Digest this month…I know people are probably scratching their heads at that, but I mean, it can’t be all hip-hop all the time!! lol

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