“Business Piece”

— October12th, 2006 —

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen — some good news is out there in the streets.

Lupé Fiasco and I got a chance to really get in-depth about his career, the leak of his classic debut album, and his feelings about his “blackness” at HipHopDX.com. I also have Ms. Charlene Banks and Hoopz that are running on the site as well. Be on the lookout for Seven Questions with Hoopz and Cali (Part II).

Another one of my favorite MCs, Queensbridge’s own — AZ sat down with me for an interview at XXLMag.com about his forthcoming new album The Format (due in November), how he hopes to work with Nas in the future, and how the game has changed.

On CrackSpace, I have an interview with rising songstress — Megan Rochell. She talks about her career and manages to flirt with your boy, too.

At NobodySmiling.com, there is an editorial (albeit… kind of short) about how Hip-Hop Will Never Die. Somewhat an interesting read, I think.

What’s Next?

Consequence, Akon, Jonathan Bender, and a whole boatload of bevvies! Oh… and your boy is interviewing Mr. Proactiv today! Also, it’s homecoming week here at Kent State University; Chingy and Ray Cash will be performing and I’ll be right there.


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