“Business Piece”

— October 23rd, 2006 —

It’s been a busy two weeks, but it is well worth it. I have a lot of things that are in the pocket right now.

At AllHipHop.com, I just wrapped up another interview for the Breeding Ground section with Vallejo, California to Atlanta, GA transplant — Willie Joe. The young 22-year-old MC has a nice lil’ single out featuring Yola called, Get ‘Em, Got ‘Em. Pretty nice joint, too. HipHopDX.com has been really good to me this month. I have a lot of stuff there and a lot more to come. The Beauty & Brains section (nicknamed — Kevin’s House O’ Beauties) has Charlene “Cali” Banks sitting down with me for a nice interview. She was also gracious enough to sit down and do Seven Questions with… and made it one of the highest commented pieces on Real Recognize Real (Thanks Char!).

Up next is Ms. Arica Adams. She is in charge of her own public relations firm called, Hazel Eyez Entertainment, and she will be the next to grace the Beauty & Brains page. Real Talk will be up this week, as Ketchum and I give color commentary about what’s going in the Hip-Hop culture. Also, Lupé Fiasco (kinda old, but hey…) chopped it up with me, but that next week, ya boy Diddy talked with me, too! Interesting story — you definitely have to have patience when dealing with Sean Combs. He is like a big multi-tasking kid. He was doing so much at one time while talking to me that I was glad that it didn’t eat into the 20-minutes that I had when talking to him. But he seems like a humble-arrogant guy (oxymoron, I know…). Also in the can is, Akon and Consequence. Two pieces that I hope go up this month (Come on, Andreas!!!)

At NobodySmiling.com, my editorial about why Hip-Hop will never die is running now. But coming up will be an interview with the Don Cartengena — Fat Joe. Also, I have an editorial that’ll be up soon about the top 10 (there’s more than 10, though…) Jay-Z moments. CrackSpace has Megan Rochell and retired NBA player, Jonathan Bender set to run. And later today, I will be talking with Dres from Black Sheep for XXLMag.com. All this before I go back “home” to New York City.

The hustle never ends. Enjoy your week!


Fat Joe piece is up and running at NobodySmiling.com. Remember T.R.O.Y.?! Two points goes to the person who can say who, not only, were the artists on the track — but what was the sample that was used. 🙂

Anyways — the Jay-Z editorial is up there at NBS.com, too.


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