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“Engrained In The Membrane”

November 28, 2006

— November 27th, 2006 —

I tried to stay out of the Michael Richards fracas because I knew that it was going to get burn everywhere in the press and on blogs. But one of the things that I pointed out to a friend of mines was this:

Michael Richards has always been a racist.

Kent, Ohio is not known as the black populace of the world, but we do have our share of racists. It’s understandable and almost expected for the N-word to be thrown our way. For one of two reasons this always happens:

  1. The verbal assailant is just trying to get our goat by using the expletive.


2. They have no other way to insult us, unless they use the word.

When I saw the footage of Richards hurling insults at hecklers, I wasn’t surprised that he would resort to using such anugly word. The part that did it for me was when Richards said, “Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass.” That is deep-seeded racism. I’m not going to go too much into the where he may have got it from (his racist-ass daddy or moms), but thanks to the wonderful powers of the Internet and YouTube — this clip appeared on the site.

The clip is from the 1986 movie Whoops Apocalypse. Do you label one a racist due to a character portrayed on film? Or do you evaluate someone’s choices in roles and attribute it to their personal preferences? Richards’ secret is definitely out of the bag, but it has been leaking for 20 years now. As recent Robert McGruder Award Winner, Leonard Pitts, Jr. points out — there are bigger demons at the gate now that this has been exorcised and broadcasted. While Richards chooses to do his media rounds, hoping to salvage his career, and receive the “Mel Gibson pass” — the ones who felt the brunt of Cosmo’s outerspace rant are looking to sue.

“In the morning, when I wake up, I’ll still be rich… When you wake up, you’ll still be n@#$#*!”


But on the flipside, people feel that if these two gentlemen go to court and win — that the ripple effect will hurt everyone. This has turned into a discussion that has made its way onto YouTube.

What do you think?

Jealousy? Legal system out of control in favor of capitalism?




“Business Piece”

November 26, 2006

— November 26th, 2006 —

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrated it. I hope that y’all ate good and loved the same with family and friends.

I also just celebrated my 24th birthday (more on that later). It was great. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes and congratulatory sentiments. I appreciated it.

Over at, I got an interview with up-and-coming MC, Aasim. Aasim is the man behind the shiny suit guy newest album, Press Play. Check it out.

At, I had the pleasure to talk to Ms. Keagan Givens. Ms. Givens is an aspiring actress-slash-student, who has appeared in a few music videos. She was an absolute joy to talk to.

What’s Next?

I have some work coming up. Alabama’s own — Rich Boy is on deck. Ester Baxter, K-Solo, and a few editorials for and a few other places around the Net.

“She/He/It’s (Shhheeetttt’s) Back!”

November 20, 2006

— November 20th, 2006 —

I wrote about Mr. Sasquatch a while ago, I guess it’s true what Rick James (R.I.P.) said. I have nothing to say right now — just express yourself about this.

From Da Country

In The Tub

Oh… if you want to fuck your kid’s (if you got some) head up… Play this.





“Heaven Only Knows”

November 20, 2006

— November 19th, 2006 —

This post is brought to you by John Legend — because Heaven (God) truly only knows.

I don’t really have anything to talk about. I thought I did. I was going to write a poem. But I do that a lot… I think for right now… all I need to do is think. Because I am not so sure about a few things and only God can help me straighten things out.

Pray for me.

Be Blessed & Stay Righteous.



“Do We Choose… Or Are We Chosen?”

November 19, 2006

— November 18th, 2006 —

It’s an appropriate question very rarely asked by those who are courting nowadays. Are we choosing to be with the one that we want to be with? Or are we being chosen by the one who allows us to be with them?

The questions don’t mask the insecurity involved. For men, it symbolizes the thought that that girl who you think is “soooo into you”, really only can stand you to a certain extent and wants you for only a limited time and for a few reasons only. It is a fear that even I struggle to deal with from time to time. Does “she” like me? Or does she like what she gets out of the deal? Same can be said for women, but I think it is a little bit different, being that men can be really trifling.

For women, the question is, “Does he want to be with me? Or does he just want to hit it and forget me in the morning?” Again, some insecurity is involved, but for women it seems to be more cautious with the heart than anything.

The simple lines that are drawn when feelings get etched in the sand can become blurred once strong emotions blossom and take root. In a more easier put way, love — whether being built or firmly established — is hard. I find myself in a huge transitional phase. Graduation is approaching, more opportunities are opening themselves up as this writing thing proves to be a little bit lucrative, and the focus has shifted from staying in Ohio to moving to New York.

But as I continue to get older (…three more days…), I realize that there are things that are important to me — friends, family, and love. I’m not looking for none of it, hopefully I have it all right here with me now. Then again… did we choose to be these things or have I been chosen to just play a role?

I have immense love and respect for those who are in my circle (they know who they are and I tell them frequently). So, I guess in the end… we just have to leave it up to faith. If the ones we love don’t want us, they’ll leave. If the ones that are honorable and really are down for this ride, then let’s journey into the sunset… because it’s going to be one helluva ride.


November 16, 2006

— November 16th, 2006 —

Is Jay just trying to reclaim his spot in a way he had to do when he was trying to establish it during the beginning of his career? Or… is Jay threatened by the 94K that Jimmy “Dirt Angel” (copyright by Freshalina Simmons) sold his first week?

I doubt it…

Brooklyn’s in the house!!!

“I Got Flows Too”

November 16, 2006

— November 15th, 2006 —

I wrote a piece, a while back, called “I Can Rap” and last night we had a freestyle battle contest last night.

The biggest complaint was that the guys there weren’t freestlying. A lot of writtens were being spat (although some cats were going for theirs with the freestyles — SyxSlim…), and a lot of feelings got hurt in the process. So I figured that I would pull out two joints that I did eons ago.

The School Of Hard Knocks
Keyser Soze (Me)

A child born to love the world, but got caught up in the drama,
Lost sight of his momma’s words, and started seein’ reality,
The streets were more than a hustle, more than nameless casualties,
They became a playground, street schoolin’, about the CDM’s,
Cash, Drugs, Murder, I earned a B.A.,
Got my Master’s when I became thirteen,
Shot somebody in between two catz walking down the hallway of my apartment at night,
Robbed ‘em of everything he had in sight,
Then dipped out in a flash, it didn’t last, got put in juvie,
So then, my mom’s could whoop that ass,
As time rapidly past, I gained knowledge, met a hustla,
Name Sly Stallone, an Italian-Black Corlellone, with dreams of being Capone,
Schooled me to the game, the art of being alone, while having everyone around me,
“One cannot be betrayed, if one has no people,” he once told me,
I took that to heart and a reign of terror rose fast,
Robbin’ whoever, just to get the cash,
That’s when I was taught how to keep a stash,
How to dash, upon seein’ five-o,
What keys to move, how to get the yay-yo,
How to let the bullets flow, through my victims body,
I got caught up, a fifteen year old, holdin’ a shotty,
Stickin’ up everyone, wearing a mask to hid my face,
Runnin’, duckin’, dodgin’, fleein’ from any case,
Lived in many places, my home wasn’t safe,
Police kept surveillance, parlayin’ in their cars, on the wait,
For my arrival, to see my poor moms,
Age sixteen, Willie Keys, taught me how to make bombs,
The stuff I learned, couldn’t be found in a book,
I learned that to deny everything, you gotta have a look,
Of innocence, and be sympathetic and caring,
I’ve been standing up to the cops, since I was ten,
And I was twice as daring, than a man in his twenties,
Drive-bys, crack fights, shoot-outs, and gang-wars,
Left me a Veteran, a Street General with Five Stars,
Now I’m a Capo, in the underground streets,
At seventeen, I make more money than you do, in a week,
And more are following down the same road I was taught,
The real school system, lost,
I won, and reaping all the benefits,
House in the Upper Bed-Stuy, residence,
No one knows how much evidence, there is against me,
But my people in high places, got my back, so you won’t catch me,
I’ll still be running spot all along your block,
I’ve been taught well, graduated from the School Of Hard Knocks…


See, a poet from Kent can talk about some street shit, too.


“The Questions”

Keyser Soze (Me)

How is an emcee on the internet gon’ protect ya back?
Why should he look for those niggas who say they tight but really wack?
What would you get if you cross-bred Komodo with Yung C’s lyrical content?
Think about that and the question to find the real meaning of what it meant…
Why do emcees thank God, and then use his name in vein?
Do females always come a dime a dozen and some change?
What is the purpose of crews if they don’t post a collabo?
Should they have the right to “Run shit,” without much of a flow?
How come the femcees don’t dickride much?
I think if they did, there’d be more peace in the War and such…
Whatever happened to the posts with **** and $)%$ to hide the cuss words?
Is it because even on the Internet, ya gotta “Keep it real?!” That’s absurd!
How come the young guns seem hungry but don’t do nothing to eat?
How come y’all haven’t knocked down my mailbox (e-mail) to hear me rhyme to a beat?
When’s JCM coming out with his anticipated real audio?
Does anyone else wonder how Lyrical Sniper’s audition go?
What’s the deal with all the Audio’ers saying that Texter’s can’t flow?
If you can recite, you can bite it — the new L.W. motto??
Why do you get kicked out of a crew and the crew still dick rides you?
If what you spit is street, why won’t you show the street credentials?
How many people do this to show catz at school that you can put words together?
And then try to rhyme it to your friends?? — Ain’t that clever!?
Why do ghetto women with ghetto bootie have misshaped kids?
And they got a big head, but a small body, what type of shit that is?
What is a intelligent rapper when he’s talking about stupid stuff?
What is a militant rapper when all he’s spittin’ is shit and bluff?
What is real in terms of Hip-Hop metaphors?
Doesn’t anyone enlighten themselves from the words they’ve heard?
Why do attractive women almost always have an ugly attitude?
And since there is a gay rapper in the real world — how about the internet? Show and prove!
Do we use the word “fag” to hide our fear of our masculinity?
Why do headz rep places that aren’t in there vincinity?
How many of you think that I wrote this down and just typed it up for your enjoyment?
What if I told you I was thinking this up as I go along — pleasant?!
Does anyone really understand what U-God says in his rhymes?
Does anyone care when DMX prays amidst his contradictory lines?
How come them niggas S. Kat, Sinistah and others are so ill?
Don’t you think that sleepers on the site need to take a NO-DOZE pill?
Why is it that Komodo’s name is that of a dragon?
Does he think that he spits fire? — Well, his shit is lackin’!
Why do ghetto women got so much ass — like Mos Def said?
If they didn’t have ass, what would they have instead?
What do you think the greatest question/mystery there is?
Could it be — white girls with phat ass-sss-ess?
Why don’t we have producers to provide a dope street soundtrack?
When in the world are Black people gon’ start getting what they were giving back?
Are you stupid if you theorize the death of a slained rap star?
Would it be considered biting to mold those books into a movie of a tragedy? — Or..
Would it be a blessing to see into the eyes of those you’ve idolized once more?
Do you think the Lakers are gon’ repeat with Grant and Rider on they team?
Wouldn’t Xzibit make a tight joint for the Champion theme?
Playstation 2 — is it the shit or what?
Even if you don’t have it, I already know that’s what you want…
Can it be said that Yung C has a munching habit?
And Lyrical Gideon couldn’t pull a “trick” even if it wasn’t that silly rabbit…
How you going to be a Godfather of something so prehistoric as verbal?
Does that mean we should be afraid of you? — Cuz I’ve never heard of you…
Shouldn’t Sin, JC, me, Elysium, and S. Kat collab soon?
If not, shouldn’t me and Coldhearted just bring back the “Duo Of Doom,”
Isn’t Lil’ Lady Destiny one of the finest women most of you never saw?
I guess not… let me laugh — hardy-har-har-haw!
Could it be said that simplistic rhymes shine harder than lyrical genius?
How would you feel if I said I was better than you on and off the Internet? — Envious?
Wouldn’t it be sick if A.I. joined the Lakers’ ranks?
Maybe I should stop with the pranks and give my shoutout to warrant thanks?
What is a nigga who thinks he’s slick trying to get with your younger sister?
Should you take it upon yourself to go ALL out? Would anyone miss-ya?
Is life, death, and death, life, cuz most of y’all live it as such?
I’ll just end it at that, cuz I’ve already asked too much….


Yeah, it was for the Internet — so what… I’m from Kent… what am I going to do? Battle the white kids across the street?

“When One Door Closes… Another Shall Open”

November 16, 2006

— November 15th, 2006 —

I have been “professionally” writing for a year now, going on two. My first interview was with Jean Grae on January 10th, 2005. It was at the Grog Shop (in Cleveland) and I was scared because of Jean’s reputation of being kind of… tempermental. But she made me feel at home and we cultivated a cool lil’ friendship out of it. Especially when we did the second interview for It flowed a lot smoother (don’t you agree?).

Fast forward and I have written for,, and Hood Grown Magazine (the article never came out). And I currently write for,,,, and Rhyme & Reason Magazine (November issue). I grinded hard for the moves that I’ve made. Some attributed to connects (I see you Melanie, Ketchum, Starr, and anyone else who’ve helped along the way). Some just purely based off of the hustle.

One of those hustle moves was trying to get an internship with KING Magazine. I got the managing editor’s contact from Matt Barone (…thanks…) and hit her up until I finally got a response. I went out to NYC and had my meeting and all was hopeful, as she liked my work and the pieces that I had compiled in such a short time. As I finally left the city of my dreams, I had sugar plum fairies, taxi cabs, and the next cover girl of KING floating in my mind as I fell asleep.

Earlier this week I found out that I didn’t get the internship. I was upset because I had my heart set out on being in NYC this December. I was looking forward to fighting the harsh cold and attitudes that came along with it. My friend Lucinda gave some very kind and much needed words and the next day I received an e-mail giving me some good news.

I am now writing for Which is hilarious because back in the day… that was all we did in high school was hop up on the Planet to check out girls around our area. I used to talk to my ex through that. Well, I tried to… it wasn’t until later that we really spoke and it wasn’t via BlackPlanet. But it’s just a blessing to be able to see such results and it hasn’t even been two, full official, years of me doing this. I really do give honor and praise to God and my ancestors for blessing me with this.

This is all a part of a larger plan and I don’t have it my heart to fail. There may be some setbacks, but failure is not an option. BlackPlanet will make a lot of things possible if done correctly.

You haven’t seen the end… this is just the beginning.

“I Be Humpin’ On My Daddy?!!?!”

November 13, 2006

— November 13th, 2006 —

This shit is just funny, ’nuff said…

Courtesy of Crunk + Disorderly

“Is The Door Open or Closed?”

November 13, 2006

— November 13th, 2006 —

Eight more days till that good ole’ born-day.

Also check out the interview with Akon, the Breeding Ground piece featuring Vallejo, Californian — Willie Joe, and my review of bang-bang-shoot-’em-up, Scarface.

Today, I want to talk about trust.

That ever elusive word that gets labeled to those who feel that they’re able to carry the brunt of its weight. Trust. Not the type where you expect someone to pay you back that five beans that you loaned to someone. I’m talking about the type where hearts and souls are on the line.

In my life, a lot of people have come and go, yet a few characters remain the same. For that, I love them all, for who they are. But for those who have gone, some had my trust, whereas others could never get in to see if it was visible. I had a habit of not letting too many people in because of two reasons:

  1. I felt like people couldn’t understand my position, and therefore, couldn’t help me out if I was in trouble or needed advice.
  2. People fail you and I didn’t want to live with the scars of careless hands.

Over the years, it has eased up, but as I approach another year of successful living on this Earth, I realize that some habits are hard to break. Just how it is hard to let past transgression die, it is dreadfully hard to allow someone backstage access into your life.

There is one in particular who has gained a welcomed access and I appreciate the continued kind words, especially as my lofty dreams sometime fall by the wayside (for the time being). So, to her, I say…

Even though you may be #2 in Jay’s mind…
You’re #1 in mines and for that you’ll forever be a diamond that shines…

What’s the point of this post? I guess it’s to analyze why people have a hard time trusting. Your parents always told you to never talk to strangers, but if you never did — who would be your friend? I met Luce that way. Gail too. Most of my friends who I put in that place of those that I “fucks with” were people whom I met in seemingly random scenarios.

The Dorsey Twins — hell… I met them lil’ buggers before the glitz and glam. It was at our prom in high school. They had a circle of people around them. They were trying to dance and be the life of the party. But that was my slot. I was Mr. King o of the Dancehall in high school (and till this day). So, I hopped up into the spot and we went back and forth. From there our friendship has had its share of ups and down, but those are my brothers. No matter what. They’ll be the uncles of my unborn children. The best men (with Rob Hicks) at my wedding. The men who I call family till my last breath.

Samantha Broaddus — I’ve known her forever and a day. The consciousness of our collective, she’s been able to bend my ear to a different way of thinking about certain things. She is a truly unique and special individual who deserves a lot more than what is always presented. She is more of an older sister to me than my actual older sisters (half). Her and a few others are in my life for the long haul and I appreciate every moment that’s been given by you all (can’t go into all or else this’ll be a eight page post…)

But everyone has their limits when it comes to trust. You wouldn’t let all your stuff out for a person you met yesterday. So, how do you gauge a person’s trustworthiness? An act can be played on anyone, so… how do you know genuine from being phony?

I would hope that the people who are in my circle (newly initiated and veterans, alike) know that they are loved and appreciated in their own special way. I may have my fears and my doubts about how people will ultimately do you wrong in the end, but y’all haven’t and have stayed true to the fullest. So, kudos to y’all.