“NY State of Mind”

— November 2nd, 2006 —

[Good times with Dres from Black Sheep]

Some news first — 19 more days till my born-day! Also, you can go to XXLMag.com to read my interview with Dres from Black Sheep. If you head to HipHopDX.com, the joint is up with Arica Adams for the Beauty & Brains section.

Ya boy is back! Yes, the trip was really good and well-worth missing a few days from class. Sorry, readers, but you’ll just have to be on the look out as far as what’s next for me… but I will say this:

New York is definitely not for the weak.

You have to have a few key essentials when walking around their stomping ground as an out-of-towner.

  • Clean shoes — Essential everywhere, but there is no excuses when walking around the city. I saw these girls rip into this guy and he wasn’t even trying to get on with none of them. The entire subway car was rollin’. Duke was so hurt, he got up at the next stop and waited to another train.
  • Money — You’re probably thinking, “Duh…” But it’s not funny when you’ve spent $24 on a Metro Card and you’ve dropped it on the train tracks. (Sidenote: Didn’t happen to me, but it did happen to this girl waiting for the F train).
  • Friends — Saves money that you’d spend on a hotel… and they cook, too! (Thanks Starr)
  • Drive — No matter what you come to New York for, there’s an avenue to make money. I charged a few people for pictures that I took at a club and came up on a few bucks (which paid for drinks). You can turn your molehill of a dream into a mountain if you have the incentive to keep knocking on those doors. (Thanks Matty B and B-Fred)

New York City is home. The people, the experience, the dramatics, all of it is a thrill. From walking around the rough side of Brooklyn to catching a flick about the sneaker culture, it is all memories. I’m definitely on my New York Shit (Labba sounds like Chubb Rock) and I feel like the more that I go (4th time this year), the less worries that I have about making it there. I know a few people, I can write a smidge above par, and have the drive to accomplish my goals. The resumé is meaty right now, so all I need is the gravy (dinero) and the U-Haul truck to get up out.

It’ll be sad to leave Ohio. It’s been my home forever. But New York has always (and I do mean always) been the place where I wanted to be. Even when I was up there this time, I felt like a little homesick. When I returned, I felt like I was gone longer than six days. Felt like two weeks. There were a whole lot of experiences that made up this trip. Finding Spice after not being there for a few months, going to Jean Grae’s Halloween Party, relaxing with Luce, cuttin’ up with and Fresh Daily and Starr — was just some of the fun things that happened.

Real talk… once I’m gone, I’m gone. Ohio will see me every once in a while, but not like it is when I go to NYC. But for now… It’s back to business and business is goooooooood.

What’s next?

Mary J. Blige, Jonathan Bender (again), K-Solo, maybe… just maybe… The Game. I’m out. One!


One Response to ““NY State of Mind””

  1. Dayrell Says:

    Glad to see you had fun Kev. And glad to see the safe return, as well. 🙂

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