“I Can Rap”

— Novemeber 3rd, 2006 —

I am an avid hip-hop fan. It is my life. Not just in the sense of me being a writer, but I love everything about the culture. But when I was younger, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with myself.

I thought that I could rap.

Yes, rap…

Ask my boys — I could freestyle. Now, I never tried to get a career in the rap game. I mean, come on… I live in Kent. There’s no gangstas here. Pseudo-gangbangers and college MCs peddling stereotypes in-between Psych 101 and College English I are what are prevalent here. You have a few who I know who are just the real deal, but that’s neither here or there (as far as this post is concerned).

My rap name was the Night Stalker. It was after a character that I wrote about during my freshman year in high school. I used to frequent the online boards (I was an Internet Lyricist). I got some okay responses when I first started, but my bars were waaayyy too long.

My sophomore year in high school, I changed my name to Keyser Soze. This was after watching The Usual Suspects and had that classic role of Verbal Kint/Keyser Soze played by Kevin Spacey. Anyways, I was entrenched in the culture. Listening to Brutha Lynch Hung, Esham, Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony, Big L — anything that was blaring out of the speakers late night on Cleveland’s 93.1 WZAK (when they used to play hip-hop). I stepped my lyrics up and got some props for my lines.

My dominating reign was over at Lyrikal War. Hell, that’s where I met my friend Yuma. There was JCM, Coldhearted, Fozzit, AbraziveMami, Sophistikat, and a few others that just ran it. A few of us started a crew called, “The Dictators,” because we ruled the site with an iron fist.

Yeah, I know I sound like a HUUUGGGEEEE nerd, but hey — I had skills. I vented a lot in my rhymes. Childhood angst, feelings about girls, rebellious thoughts, even put some joints in there about mental health. I thought I was going to be better than anyone in the game. All I needed to do was move to New York (still do… just not with the rappin’). But I got frustrated with life and felt I needed a change (at age 17) — so I switched the name from Keyser Soze to Diago Marx.

Marx was the name of a character that I drew in an art class. I always thought Diago was a cool name to have and I had learned about Karl Marx in elementary school and thought that some of his principles weren’t that bad.

I gave up on a rap career a little bit before I graduated from high school. I preferred writing poetry (which is what rap is) and used a couple of joints to steal girls attention when I got into college. But I notice how growing up forces one to relinquish their childhood aspirations. I was dumb nice, yet now I prefer to place that label on the likes of Aasim, One.Be.Lo, and Blitz (just to name a few). I rarely write rhymes or poems, but I stay collecting checks.

Maybe I’ll do something different since my b’day is coming up. I might just don the Diago Marx/Keyser Soze persona and try and see if I can do it on the M-I-C. I’ve come this far in life off of my love of hip-hop. So, why not try?

Hell… I can rap…


5 Responses to ““I Can Rap””

  1. “I Got Flows Too” « Real Recognize Real Says:

    […] I wrote a piece, a while back, called “I Can Rap” and last night we had a freestyle battle contest last night. […]

  2. 2nd Nature Says:

    haha.. keeeyzer ! what it do… donno if your emember me but i use to kick it wit syntax aka nonetheless n his brother n kaspa aka nyndiem, jcm, markis grave, ravij n all them…..

    found this randomly… hope you get this….

  3. 2nd Nature Says:

    aim = da2ndnature


  4. ravij Says:

    keyzer!!! omg.. i found this thru google.. u posted it a long ass time ago tho… if u get this email me! hope all is well with u.. pz

  5. sophistikat Says:

    Ha, I LOVE the internet

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