“Africa… Is Having The Best Week Ever!”

— November 5th, 2006 —

Forget what you heard… AIDS is an epidemic in Africa, but…

They’re having the BEST WEEK EVER!

Rwandan babies can finally pray for clean water, because when Madonna comes to your hut — you’ll be one step closer to actually sleeping on a matress. I don’t know what it is about white folks wanting to use African babies as a tax write off (Angelina Jolie anyone?!).

The hip-hop community is doing their part, as well. Jay-Z is the really making his claim as the “Bono of Hip-Hop”. With trips to villages in Africa during his world tour, Jay is set to make people aware of the water crisis plaguing the world. His partnership with the United Nations has really struck a chord, not only within the hip-hop community, but it has resonated within the diaspora, as well.

Hollywood is also making good off of the African experience. Catch A Fire and The Last King of Scotland are very good movies (so I heard…) and with Scotland, it seems that Forest Whitaker may have an Oscar nomination from it. Both Fire and Scotland are set in Africa, with Fire being a true story based in apartheid-era South Africa and Scotland in Uganda.

Now… if only Africa can get rid of that pesky disease that plagues the continent, we’ll all smile happily.


One Response to ““Africa… Is Having The Best Week Ever!””

  1. Lois Lane Says:

    Good post!
    It’s funny that you mention Africa and it’s sudden popularity amongst good ‘ol Hollywood. I was thinking about what happens these African children grow up….will there still be love amongst them and their Super star parents or will the actors show their true face? Just a question…

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