“The Best Fourth Quarter Ever?”

— November 5th, 2006 —

We’re coming down to the final stretch. The fourth quarter is here and there are some certified heat-rocks that are slated for release. Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come on November 21st (my b’day), Nas’s Hip-Hop is Dead, Ghostface, Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, The Clipse, and the Game are all to drop before 2007.

This really bode wells for Def Jam who is setting to profit off of El Presidente’s return and Nas’s recent siging. There have already been quite the few stellar releases from Lupé Fiasco, Outkast, Ghostface (Fishscale), Cunninglynuists (A Piece of Strange), and Hi-Tek (Hi-Teknology 2: The Chip).

But is this the best fourth quarter ever? Def Jam has been known for doing massive releases from their top stable of artists. DMX, Jay-Z, and Ja Rule all found their albums released around the same time and profitted remarkably from the tours that followed suit. Even in 1998, the house that Rick and Russy built — made strides during their Survival of the Illest tour and marketing plan. The Live From 125 album and DVD was a smash. Onyx, the aforementioned DMX, Def Sqaud, Method Man, Cormega (Where is he?!), Foxy Brown, and others had interesting releases.

Def Jam seems to be going back into Lyor’s old playbook with this fourth quarter move. Possibly with a tour on the way (according to Hovito). I am excited. Particularly with the Jay/Nas releases. Their joining of forces has definitely put the hip-hop world on its ear. Rumored tracks of them together have made even the staunchiest detractor of hip-hop continued dominance, take a second glance. People have continued to talk about how stale hip-hop is. While that opinion is shared with plenty, this fourth quarter looks to be the new trend that, I hope, will make 2007 really impactful.


One Response to ““The Best Fourth Quarter Ever?””

  1. Lois Lane Says:

    Word….I need for Hov to do a tour….I need to see him in concert…Pronto!

    Peace & Love

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