“I Got Flows Too”

— November 15th, 2006 —

I wrote a piece, a while back, called “I Can Rap” and last night we had a freestyle battle contest last night.

The biggest complaint was that the guys there weren’t freestlying. A lot of writtens were being spat (although some cats were going for theirs with the freestyles — SyxSlim…), and a lot of feelings got hurt in the process. So I figured that I would pull out two joints that I did eons ago.

The School Of Hard Knocks
Keyser Soze (Me)

A child born to love the world, but got caught up in the drama,
Lost sight of his momma’s words, and started seein’ reality,
The streets were more than a hustle, more than nameless casualties,
They became a playground, street schoolin’, about the CDM’s,
Cash, Drugs, Murder, I earned a B.A.,
Got my Master’s when I became thirteen,
Shot somebody in between two catz walking down the hallway of my apartment at night,
Robbed ‘em of everything he had in sight,
Then dipped out in a flash, it didn’t last, got put in juvie,
So then, my mom’s could whoop that ass,
As time rapidly past, I gained knowledge, met a hustla,
Name Sly Stallone, an Italian-Black Corlellone, with dreams of being Capone,
Schooled me to the game, the art of being alone, while having everyone around me,
“One cannot be betrayed, if one has no people,” he once told me,
I took that to heart and a reign of terror rose fast,
Robbin’ whoever, just to get the cash,
That’s when I was taught how to keep a stash,
How to dash, upon seein’ five-o,
What keys to move, how to get the yay-yo,
How to let the bullets flow, through my victims body,
I got caught up, a fifteen year old, holdin’ a shotty,
Stickin’ up everyone, wearing a mask to hid my face,
Runnin’, duckin’, dodgin’, fleein’ from any case,
Lived in many places, my home wasn’t safe,
Police kept surveillance, parlayin’ in their cars, on the wait,
For my arrival, to see my poor moms,
Age sixteen, Willie Keys, taught me how to make bombs,
The stuff I learned, couldn’t be found in a book,
I learned that to deny everything, you gotta have a look,
Of innocence, and be sympathetic and caring,
I’ve been standing up to the cops, since I was ten,
And I was twice as daring, than a man in his twenties,
Drive-bys, crack fights, shoot-outs, and gang-wars,
Left me a Veteran, a Street General with Five Stars,
Now I’m a Capo, in the underground streets,
At seventeen, I make more money than you do, in a week,
And more are following down the same road I was taught,
The real school system, lost,
I won, and reaping all the benefits,
House in the Upper Bed-Stuy, residence,
No one knows how much evidence, there is against me,
But my people in high places, got my back, so you won’t catch me,
I’ll still be running spot all along your block,
I’ve been taught well, graduated from the School Of Hard Knocks…


See, a poet from Kent can talk about some street shit, too.


“The Questions”

Keyser Soze (Me)

How is an emcee on the internet gon’ protect ya back?
Why should he look for those niggas who say they tight but really wack?
What would you get if you cross-bred Komodo with Yung C’s lyrical content?
Think about that and the question to find the real meaning of what it meant…
Why do emcees thank God, and then use his name in vein?
Do females always come a dime a dozen and some change?
What is the purpose of crews if they don’t post a collabo?
Should they have the right to “Run shit,” without much of a flow?
How come the femcees don’t dickride much?
I think if they did, there’d be more peace in the War and such…
Whatever happened to the posts with **** and $)%$ to hide the cuss words?
Is it because even on the Internet, ya gotta “Keep it real?!” That’s absurd!
How come the young guns seem hungry but don’t do nothing to eat?
How come y’all haven’t knocked down my mailbox (e-mail) to hear me rhyme to a beat?
When’s JCM coming out with his anticipated real audio?
Does anyone else wonder how Lyrical Sniper’s audition go?
What’s the deal with all the Audio’ers saying that Texter’s can’t flow?
If you can recite, you can bite it — the new L.W. motto??
Why do you get kicked out of a crew and the crew still dick rides you?
If what you spit is street, why won’t you show the street credentials?
How many people do this to show catz at school that you can put words together?
And then try to rhyme it to your friends?? — Ain’t that clever!?
Why do ghetto women with ghetto bootie have misshaped kids?
And they got a big head, but a small body, what type of shit that is?
What is a intelligent rapper when he’s talking about stupid stuff?
What is a militant rapper when all he’s spittin’ is shit and bluff?
What is real in terms of Hip-Hop metaphors?
Doesn’t anyone enlighten themselves from the words they’ve heard?
Why do attractive women almost always have an ugly attitude?
And since there is a gay rapper in the real world — how about the internet? Show and prove!
Do we use the word “fag” to hide our fear of our masculinity?
Why do headz rep places that aren’t in there vincinity?
How many of you think that I wrote this down and just typed it up for your enjoyment?
What if I told you I was thinking this up as I go along — pleasant?!
Does anyone really understand what U-God says in his rhymes?
Does anyone care when DMX prays amidst his contradictory lines?
How come them niggas S. Kat, Sinistah and others are so ill?
Don’t you think that sleepers on the site need to take a NO-DOZE pill?
Why is it that Komodo’s name is that of a dragon?
Does he think that he spits fire? — Well, his shit is lackin’!
Why do ghetto women got so much ass — like Mos Def said?
If they didn’t have ass, what would they have instead?
What do you think the greatest question/mystery there is?
Could it be — white girls with phat ass-sss-ess?
Why don’t we have producers to provide a dope street soundtrack?
When in the world are Black people gon’ start getting what they were giving back?
Are you stupid if you theorize the death of a slained rap star?
Would it be considered biting to mold those books into a movie of a tragedy? — Or..
Would it be a blessing to see into the eyes of those you’ve idolized once more?
Do you think the Lakers are gon’ repeat with Grant and Rider on they team?
Wouldn’t Xzibit make a tight joint for the Champion theme?
Playstation 2 — is it the shit or what?
Even if you don’t have it, I already know that’s what you want…
Can it be said that Yung C has a munching habit?
And Lyrical Gideon couldn’t pull a “trick” even if it wasn’t that silly rabbit…
How you going to be a Godfather of something so prehistoric as verbal?
Does that mean we should be afraid of you? — Cuz I’ve never heard of you…
Shouldn’t Sin, JC, me, Elysium, and S. Kat collab soon?
If not, shouldn’t me and Coldhearted just bring back the “Duo Of Doom,”
Isn’t Lil’ Lady Destiny one of the finest women most of you never saw?
I guess not… let me laugh — hardy-har-har-haw!
Could it be said that simplistic rhymes shine harder than lyrical genius?
How would you feel if I said I was better than you on and off the Internet? — Envious?
Wouldn’t it be sick if A.I. joined the Lakers’ ranks?
Maybe I should stop with the pranks and give my shoutout to warrant thanks?
What is a nigga who thinks he’s slick trying to get with your younger sister?
Should you take it upon yourself to go ALL out? Would anyone miss-ya?
Is life, death, and death, life, cuz most of y’all live it as such?
I’ll just end it at that, cuz I’ve already asked too much….


Yeah, it was for the Internet — so what… I’m from Kent… what am I going to do? Battle the white kids across the street?


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