“When One Door Closes… Another Shall Open”

— November 15th, 2006 —

I have been “professionally” writing for a year now, going on two. My first interview was with Jean Grae on January 10th, 2005. It was at the Grog Shop (in Cleveland) and I was scared because of Jean’s reputation of being kind of… tempermental. But she made me feel at home and we cultivated a cool lil’ friendship out of it. Especially when we did the second interview for HipHopDX.com. It flowed a lot smoother (don’t you agree?).

Fast forward and I have written for IndustryPlug.com, SOHH.com, and Hood Grown Magazine (the article never came out). And I currently write for HipHopDX.com, NobodySmiling.com, AllHipHop.com, XXLMag.com, and Rhyme & Reason Magazine (November issue). I grinded hard for the moves that I’ve made. Some attributed to connects (I see you Melanie, Ketchum, Starr, and anyone else who’ve helped along the way). Some just purely based off of the hustle.

One of those hustle moves was trying to get an internship with KING Magazine. I got the managing editor’s contact from Matt Barone (…thanks…) and hit her up until I finally got a response. I went out to NYC and had my meeting and all was hopeful, as she liked my work and the pieces that I had compiled in such a short time. As I finally left the city of my dreams, I had sugar plum fairies, taxi cabs, and the next cover girl of KING floating in my mind as I fell asleep.

Earlier this week I found out that I didn’t get the internship. I was upset because I had my heart set out on being in NYC this December. I was looking forward to fighting the harsh cold and attitudes that came along with it. My friend Lucinda gave some very kind and much needed words and the next day I received an e-mail giving me some good news.

I am now writing for BlackPlanet.com. Which is hilarious because back in the day… that was all we did in high school was hop up on the Planet to check out girls around our area. I used to talk to my ex through that. Well, I tried to… it wasn’t until later that we really spoke and it wasn’t via BlackPlanet. But it’s just a blessing to be able to see such results and it hasn’t even been two, full official, years of me doing this. I really do give honor and praise to God and my ancestors for blessing me with this.

This is all a part of a larger plan and I don’t have it my heart to fail. There may be some setbacks, but failure is not an option. BlackPlanet will make a lot of things possible if done correctly.

You haven’t seen the end… this is just the beginning.


2 Responses to ““When One Door Closes… Another Shall Open””

  1. Lois Lane Says:

    That’s right, superman!


    Peace & Love

  2. Twanz Says:

    YAY kevinito…Congrats on the BlackPlant-ness and sorry you didnt get the other one but there might be a reason for this one…Good Luck with it. And when you move leave a small space for me to come lodge in your house..lol

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