“Do We Choose… Or Are We Chosen?”

— November 18th, 2006 —

It’s an appropriate question very rarely asked by those who are courting nowadays. Are we choosing to be with the one that we want to be with? Or are we being chosen by the one who allows us to be with them?

The questions don’t mask the insecurity involved. For men, it symbolizes the thought that that girl who you think is “soooo into you”, really only can stand you to a certain extent and wants you for only a limited time and for a few reasons only. It is a fear that even I struggle to deal with from time to time. Does “she” like me? Or does she like what she gets out of the deal? Same can be said for women, but I think it is a little bit different, being that men can be really trifling.

For women, the question is, “Does he want to be with me? Or does he just want to hit it and forget me in the morning?” Again, some insecurity is involved, but for women it seems to be more cautious with the heart than anything.

The simple lines that are drawn when feelings get etched in the sand can become blurred once strong emotions blossom and take root. In a more easier put way, love — whether being built or firmly established — is hard. I find myself in a huge transitional phase. Graduation is approaching, more opportunities are opening themselves up as this writing thing proves to be a little bit lucrative, and the focus has shifted from staying in Ohio to moving to New York.

But as I continue to get older (…three more days…), I realize that there are things that are important to me — friends, family, and love. I’m not looking for none of it, hopefully I have it all right here with me now. Then again… did we choose to be these things or have I been chosen to just play a role?

I have immense love and respect for those who are in my circle (they know who they are and I tell them frequently). So, I guess in the end… we just have to leave it up to faith. If the ones we love don’t want us, they’ll leave. If the ones that are honorable and really are down for this ride, then let’s journey into the sunset… because it’s going to be one helluva ride.


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