“Engrained In The Membrane”

— November 27th, 2006 —

I tried to stay out of the Michael Richards fracas because I knew that it was going to get burn everywhere in the press and on blogs. But one of the things that I pointed out to a friend of mines was this:

Michael Richards has always been a racist.

Kent, Ohio is not known as the black populace of the world, but we do have our share of racists. It’s understandable and almost expected for the N-word to be thrown our way. For one of two reasons this always happens:

  1. The verbal assailant is just trying to get our goat by using the expletive.


2. They have no other way to insult us, unless they use the word.

When I saw the footage of Richards hurling insults at hecklers, I wasn’t surprised that he would resort to using such anugly word. The part that did it for me was when Richards said, “Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass.” That is deep-seeded racism. I’m not going to go too much into the where he may have got it from (his racist-ass daddy or moms), but thanks to the wonderful powers of the Internet and YouTube — this clip appeared on the site.

The clip is from the 1986 movie Whoops Apocalypse. Do you label one a racist due to a character portrayed on film? Or do you evaluate someone’s choices in roles and attribute it to their personal preferences? Richards’ secret is definitely out of the bag, but it has been leaking for 20 years now. As recent Robert McGruder Award Winner, Leonard Pitts, Jr. points out — there are bigger demons at the gate now that this has been exorcised and broadcasted. While Richards chooses to do his media rounds, hoping to salvage his career, and receive the “Mel Gibson pass” — the ones who felt the brunt of Cosmo’s outerspace rant are looking to sue.

“In the morning, when I wake up, I’ll still be rich… When you wake up, you’ll still be n@#$#*!”


But on the flipside, people feel that if these two gentlemen go to court and win — that the ripple effect will hurt everyone. This has turned into a discussion that has made its way onto YouTube.

What do you think?

Jealousy? Legal system out of control in favor of capitalism?




One Response to ““Engrained In The Membrane””

  1. Little sista Says:

    I was trying to comment that fool’s video on youtube…lol…boy do I want to beat the mess out of him.

    Nice post, Kev! Michael Richards has hit a sad low…and the vid you posted…never seen that before, but it’s unbelievable.

    Peace & Love

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