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“Business Piece”

December 31, 2006

— December 31st, 2006 —

It’s the end of another year and although we lost many influential people, that won’t stop the future from living up to their legacy. I have made a lot of friends and kept my enemies at bay. I love this life and am blessed to see another year with those who are down with the team.

At, I have an interview with 8Ball & MJG. Ball was actually more talkative than the first time when I talked to him by himself. has been really good to me, they placed my interview with Ms. Lekish Turner in the Beauty & Brains section. I am trying to blow that section up for the 2007 year.

All of my colleagues and friends, I love you… You’re more than what the titles suggest, y’all are family. Let’s get it in for the 2-double 0-7!


“Business Piece”

December 28, 2006

— December 28th, 2006 —

Really busy, but check out the interview with Bricks Da Franchise.

“The Godfather of Soul”

December 25, 2006

— December 25th, 2006 —

Merry Christmas to all and I hope that everyone is blessed.

The news of James Brown’s death comes after the loss of a lot of our legends, like Gerald Levert and Ed Bradley. I will talk more about it tomorrow.

 R.I.P. James Brown

 1933 – 2006

“Business Piece”

December 22, 2006

— December 22nd, 2006 —

As Christmas looms ever closer, I just got a few things online that you should check out. At, I chopped it up with the homie, SEAN PPPPPP! Mr. Scagnetti — duke was cool as @#$* to talk to. And for the fellas at, I got Esther Baxter for you! I got some big news also for everyone, but I’m going to enjoy this holiday break.

Going to see Dreamgirls on Christmas and spend that good family time with the kinfolk! Everyone enjoy your holidays!

Be Blessed & Stay Righteous.

Oh, check out my fam — Bomani Jones on ESPN today at 3:30.

“The Gift That Keeps On Giving”

December 19, 2006

— December 19th, 2006 —

…a dick in a box…

“Business Piece”

December 18, 2006

— December 18th, 2006 —

Yay!!! School’s over! Now that I don’t have to worry about classes, I can get some more work out of the way. But what’s already on the plate is quite a few things.

At, I have a slew of things over there (I see you, Ketchum!). I have an interview with Ice-T’s wife, Coco (Nicole Marrow). She’s pretty cool, but she wasn’t as cool as Real World: Key West’s Janelle Casanave. She was a really down the earth lady. I also have an editorial talking about the beefs that happened this year in 2006.

I have a few things that have yet to run at At, I talk with upcoming emcee – Bricks Da Franchise. Good kid, too.

Over at CrackSpace, I have a couple of pieces. One with former NBA player, Jonathan Bender and a piece with G.O.O.D. Music lyricist — Consequence.

What’s Next?!

A few placements. Hard work has definitely paid off. As I transition from my first year of professional writing into my second, I am blessed to have cultivated great friendships and working relationships with a multitude of people. I’m working at getting to the top and I am driven to get there. Ride with me.

I won’t be doing too much blogging, it’s the holidays and I am trying to get as many interviews posted before the new year. Merry Christmas to all, to anyone else…

Be Blessed & Stay Righteous!

“Rhyme & Reason Magazine”

December 14, 2006

— December 14th, 2006 —

I have finally got my first placement in a magazine. Rhyme & Reason Magazine is a hip-hop mag distributed in Australia, but somehow manages to get burn here in the States, too. A big, hugemongous shout out goes to Melanie J. Cornish — she hooked me up with the gig. Thanks to Dominic to for allowing me the chance to get in.

I sat down with longtime ‘Pac producer (and friend), Johnny “J”. Dude is incredibly talented and humble to boot. The issue is out, but no hard copies are available in the U.S. But you can check out the full interview (condensed in the mag for word count) online at Rhyme & Reason Online.

“Business Piece”

December 8, 2006

— December 8th, 2006 —

Been super busy with Finals, but you can check out these business pieces for your enjoyment.

Cleveland’s own, Rachel Reid, talks with your boy for She managed to escape the cold, doing the interview while being in Miami, but it’s still a good read. Also at, I sat down with Janelle Casanave from Real World: Key West. She was an absolute delight to talk to. Hope that you enjoy the read. Lastly, over at, I sat down with an MC that I’ve been a fan of since I bought his album in 1997. Philadelphia native, Tracey Lee, had a debut album called Many Faces. The only features were Pirate (lame name, I know), Busta Rhymes, and the Notorious B.I.G. I sat down with Tray Lee for a good interview. Almost ten years has passed since his debut, find out what he’s been doing.

What’s Next?!

Young Jeezy review, Mos Def review, 8Ball, Rich Boy, a few editorials, and something new for AllHipHop’s Breeding Ground.

“From My Town to Chi-Town”

December 2, 2006

— December 2nd, 2006 —

I have quite a dated interview with underground Chicago MC — Vakill — over at An interesting interview with Vida Guerra at In it, she talks about The Game, her upbringing in Cuba, and her new album and DVD that’s set for release next year. Lastly, still at HHDX, I have an interview with Houston, Texas thoroughbred — Ms. Keagan.

Another Chicagoan who’s found himself in the headlines quite often is the brash superproducer — Kanyé West. There’s his rant at MTV Video Awards in Europe and now he’s calling mixed girls “mutts.

It feels like we’re on the verge of great social upheaval. Not because of Kanyé West, but because of the significant events that have been happening the past few years. Kanyé’s commentary will be scrutinized, not just because of who he is in the entertainment business, but even more so (in my opinion) — due to his comments during Hurricane Katrina. The thought is that now we’re sliding back in the days of self-loathing. The images can be seen everywhere. From Ms. PeachesIn The Tub” to the comments made by the media that we’re now living in the days of “minstrel rap”.

It can only get worst or it can get better. With those calling for a ban on the n-word (since the Michael Richards fracas) and others making a pledge to change their own ways, personally — we’ll see where this goes.

What’s Next?

Janelle Casanave from MTV’s The Real World, Rachel Reid, Jean Grae, Tracey Lee, Eightball, and Rich Boy are all up next.

“You Should…”

December 2, 2006

— December 2nd, 2006 —

…Be With Me…

That’s the name of Capitol Records new signee — J. Holiday. I first heard about this song from Ms. Lucinda. His video has just been released and hopefully will make it to television and radio soon. I really like that song.

Here goes the video: