“From My Town to Chi-Town”

— December 2nd, 2006 —

I have quite a dated interview with underground Chicago MC — Vakill — over at NobodySmiling.com. An interesting interview with Vida Guerra at HipHopDX.com. In it, she talks about The Game, her upbringing in Cuba, and her new album and DVD that’s set for release next year. Lastly, still at HHDX, I have an interview with Houston, Texas thoroughbred — Ms. Keagan.

Another Chicagoan who’s found himself in the headlines quite often is the brash superproducer — Kanyé West. There’s his rant at MTV Video Awards in Europe and now he’s calling mixed girls “mutts.

It feels like we’re on the verge of great social upheaval. Not because of Kanyé West, but because of the significant events that have been happening the past few years. Kanyé’s commentary will be scrutinized, not just because of who he is in the entertainment business, but even more so (in my opinion) — due to his comments during Hurricane Katrina. The thought is that now we’re sliding back in the days of self-loathing. The images can be seen everywhere. From Ms. PeachesIn The Tub” to the comments made by the media that we’re now living in the days of “minstrel rap”.

It can only get worst or it can get better. With those calling for a ban on the n-word (since the Michael Richards fracas) and others making a pledge to change their own ways, personally — we’ll see where this goes.

What’s Next?

Janelle Casanave from MTV’s The Real World, Rachel Reid, Jean Grae, Tracey Lee, Eightball, and Rich Boy are all up next.


One Response to ““From My Town to Chi-Town””

  1. Brown Suga Says:

    I don’t think the n-word would get banned. Sadly, the word took a whole new meaning and EVERYONE think he/she can use it. I can recall my sexy beau (Alex, of course) and I checking out a comedy show called, Ha in Times Square and the main act of the night, was a Hispanic comedian, Cisko who was really funny until he blurted the n-word. Everyone kept laughing at his jokes but I totally stopped because I just feel he shouldn’t have said it. Al told me I was taking the situation to a whole, new level; but what can you expect; I’m a Pisces. We always blow everything out of proportion (okay, maybe me). But still, he had no right say that word. Plain and simple.

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