“Business Piece”

— December 8th, 2006 —

Been super busy with Finals, but you can check out these business pieces for your enjoyment.

Cleveland’s own, Rachel Reid, talks with your boy for HipHopDX.com. She managed to escape the cold, doing the interview while being in Miami, but it’s still a good read. Also at HipHopDX.com, I sat down with Janelle Casanave from Real World: Key West. She was an absolute delight to talk to. Hope that you enjoy the read. Lastly, over at NobodySmiling.com, I sat down with an MC that I’ve been a fan of since I bought his album in 1997. Philadelphia native, Tracey Lee, had a debut album called Many Faces. The only features were Pirate (lame name, I know), Busta Rhymes, and the Notorious B.I.G. I sat down with Tray Lee for a good interview. Almost ten years has passed since his debut, find out what he’s been doing.

What’s Next?!

Young Jeezy review, Mos Def review, 8Ball, Rich Boy, a few editorials, and something new for AllHipHop’s Breeding Ground.


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