“Business Piece”

— December 18th, 2006 —

Yay!!! School’s over! Now that I don’t have to worry about classes, I can get some more work out of the way. But what’s already on the plate is quite a few things.

At HipHopDX.com, I have a slew of things over there (I see you, Ketchum!). I have an interview with Ice-T’s wife, Coco (Nicole Marrow). She’s pretty cool, but she wasn’t as cool as Real World: Key West’s Janelle Casanave. She was a really down the earth lady. I also have an editorial talking about the beefs that happened this year in 2006.

I have a few things that have yet to run at NobodySmiling.com. At AllHipHop.com, I talk with upcoming emcee – Bricks Da Franchise. Good kid, too.

Over at CrackSpace, I have a couple of pieces. One with former NBA player, Jonathan Bender and a piece with G.O.O.D. Music lyricist — Consequence.

What’s Next?!

A few placements. Hard work has definitely paid off. As I transition from my first year of professional writing into my second, I am blessed to have cultivated great friendships and working relationships with a multitude of people. I’m working at getting to the top and I am driven to get there. Ride with me.

I won’t be doing too much blogging, it’s the holidays and I am trying to get as many interviews posted before the new year. Merry Christmas to all, to anyone else…

Be Blessed & Stay Righteous!


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