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“The Greatest Band Ever”

January 29, 2007

— January 28th, 2007 —

I just watched a really interesting video from the guys across the ocean — U2 — called “Window in the Skies”.

You may see a few familar faces in the crowd. Enjoy.


“Let Me Put You On To Game”

January 20, 2007

— January 20th, 2006 —

Sick Timbo Beat…

“Business Piece”

January 18, 2007

— January 18th, 2007 —

Shouts out to Danya Steele and her upcoming endeavors. If you got some free time, check out my interview with the sultry, Adeja Allen at

What’s Next?

A lot. Way too much to mention, ya dig…? 🙂

“Seven Questions With… Hoopz”

January 13, 2007

— January 13th, 2007 —

I haven’t posted my infamous “Seven Questions With…” in quite some time. But I figured that I would start off the new year with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. The upfront hoopstress from the first season of Flavor of Love sat down with me, as she talked from her Michigan home, about what was next for her and expressed her disdain for loser (two-time loser) — New York.

But who’s really doing winning now? 4.4 million viewers tuned into watch New York’s new show on VH-1. While the last time we saw Hoopz was on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out show. With the tables seemingly turned (for now), let’s see what Hoopz had to say about a myriad of random topics.

RRR: If you could have a one on one, no holds barred, back yard boogie brawl with anyone in the entire world (living or dead) – who would it be and why?

Hoopz: I would like to say nobody… just because I don’t have a reason. I’d have to have a reason to do something like that. If someone were to start something with me, then it’d be me and them in the back yard .

RRR: A lot of men look at you as a sex symbol, but you seem pretty coy about your features. When has there been one time where you let all your inhibitions go and just let loose on an unsuspecting man?

Hoopz: Really, I’ve done that in any relationship that I was in. [Laughs] You know I got to gets mines, too! In the beginning, you start off kissing and you know… [laughs] …clothes get to be ripped off. With me, you’re going to get a challenge. You’re either in the bed, sleep, from being exhausted… or you’re eating a bowl of cereal to regain some strength. [Laughs] I have like 30 boxes of cereal. I love it anytime of day.

RRR: You kept it real on the show, especially about New York and her romp in the sack with Flavor Flav. Has there ever been a time where keeping it real ever went wrong?

Hoopz: Nope, not in my eyes.

RRR: Rumors aside – if it was true that you and Dwayne Wade had engaged in an affair and you were pregnant by him – how would it feel to be called a hypocrite by the media and Ms. New York (because you know she’d have something to say).

Hoopz: First of all… why would she be worried about me. I mean whatever the fuck she says has nothing to do with me. If she has anything to say, she should just say it to my face. I mean who is she?! Who is New York? She’s a fucking prostitute! My boy showed me a video of her sucking his dude’s dick. So, who is New York? Fuck that bitch, she’s fake. Is she a man? I mean what the fuck is she?! If she comes to my face, then I’d have to do something.

RRR: Being a faithful Michigan resident and myself being a Buckeye – would the rivalry ever get in the way of us being a fruitful couple? Or would the aftermath make-up session be just that much sweeter?

Hoopz: I think it would be fun. It’d both be sweet. [Laughs] You’re retarded for that one, Kev.

RRR: What has been the grossest moment in your life?

Hoopz: Let me see. I don’t really know. For real, no, let me see… What’s a story that I could tell? You know what…? That stripper incident when New York was dancing on the show. [Laughs] The dumb bitch fell off of the stage. Oooh, let me stop… I don’t even want to have her think that she’s on my mind like that.

RRR: Millions of people can’t believe that anyone, especially you, could pucker up and kiss a New Jack City extra like Flava Flav. What there anything really about him that could make you try to find the prince within the frog?

Hoopz: First of all, people act like he’s the single most ugliest man on the planet. There are a lot of women out there who think Flav is a beautiful person, myself included. To me, having a personality is big, and he’s one of the biggest personalities that I’ve ever met. Of course, a lot of things went through my head before I kissed him, but it’s entertainment. I didn’t have to drug myself before I kissed him. I’ve dated fat guys, “ugly” ones, too. It’s cool just as long as he makes me happy. I like to look at nice things, don’t get me wrong. I do have standards. But doesn’t that make me a diva. It doesn’t make me superficial. All in all, when all the girls were standing there before the show started taping I thought, “What the fuck am I doing?” Not just because of him, but because of everything. It’s like when your boy sets you up with a blind date and you don’t know what to expect. That’s how it was when I was going through the initial taping of the show.

“Just Can’t Walk Away”

January 11, 2007

— January 11th, 2007 —

In high school, I wasn’t the most popular, didn’t get the most girls, wasn’t even the smartest — but I could always associate myself with those who were on top of their game.

But the one thing I was (and still am) regarded for is my dancing. There was/is one man who’s better than me and is name is Seth Stewart. Fuck the classically trained shit, dude is a b-boy from the heart and dancing was always his passion.

No Brokeback, homie, but I see the dude do a reverse worm on his back. Had the girlies going crazy. Now, he is making Paula DeAnda go crazy in her video, “Walk Away”…

“Why Is He So Mad?”

January 10, 2007

— January 10th, 2007 —

Today marks the 2nd year that I’ve been professionally writing. YAY ME! But I am not the one who’s mad…

K-Solo is… Check out the interview at

“Life And The Dead Guy”

January 9, 2007

— January 9th, 2007 —

There was a man in the corner of the room. His eyes spelled destruction. He spoke with a silver tongue, as his words caressed the joys of sin. But he looked at me with forgiveness and realized that I could never fill his shoes. I didn’t want to, but his story was seductive.

I know it doesn’t make sense, but I’m just writing, you dig…

But I am realizing that at 24-years-old, that I’m not the guy that I used to be. I’m not 19, past the 21 mark and looking down the barrel of 30’s gun as I keep trucking through life’s path. It’s scary when you know you’re not the “big dog” anymore. Even worst when you look back on your history and realize that you have never been the big dog. Your claim to fame is being able to write. Your friends are more popular than you’ll ever be. And the single defining moment of your legacy would be the fact that you’ve helped so many others get great grades, work through their relationship issues, and given aid when needed.

Whatta run, huh?

As I look into this mirror that reflects back to me all my faults, I realize that it hasn’t been that bad of a road. I could be Somalian. I could be homeless in New York. I could be mentally retarded. But I am not. I am single, intelligent, and driven to succeed in this big pond known as Earth. I dream big, but I take the steps needed to be able to make it in this world. The friends that I have are true. The Lord, the truth, all that would make it evident if it was otherwise.

I have been more honest with myself these past two years, than I have my entire existence. So, for that, I know that the being faced with my mortality is a means of growing. I know it doesn’t make sense to you, hell.. it doesn’t make sense to me. But that’s the pleasure in unknowning. The sweet satisfaction of finding out.

“Never Be The Same Again”

January 9, 2007

— January 9th, 2007 —

Seeing as none of your crocks read this trash, I pretty much have the free reign to say what I want.

I am happy, professionally, with my friends, spiritually, with my family… the whole shabang. But there is a void. A huge one. And I allowed it to be visible. I opened it up within myself to be seen and it bit me. So, I realized that there are rules to this game. I’ve never been one to play by them accordingly. Things’ll never be the same again and when I make up my mind — it’s pretty hard to change it back.

So, here’s to change… a beautiful destroyer of dreams!

“To Be Or Not To Be…”

January 7, 2007

— January 7th, 2007 —

That is the question. Even with no snow on the ground, the coldness of an empty bed can drive people insane from the loneliness or could be just the answer needed to get away from an annoying somebody. I am single. This February would mark a year of “freedom” from the trappings of being responsible for another person’s heart.

But as I embark on developing a healthy writing career, graduating from Kent State, and filming my footsteps — the heart calls out to me. Dating since getting over my last relationship was interesting to say the least. I wasn’t in need or in dire straits to find a significant other. It was rewarding to be able to have others who seemed to be on the level that I was on. Pet peeves aside, not too many people are around who I dated before.

Now, it’s 2007, and my goals are defined. Obtain my degree, stack up my money, diversify my writing portfolio, and move to the city of my dreams. Therein lies the problem… While still dating, feelings are to be cultivated, hope is a drug not to be taken likely. My moving could put a damper on a young lady’s parade. That’s not even trying to be Kanyé West cocky, it’s just how it is. My refusal to entertain the idea of being in a relationship makes some annoyed.

So, is it worth it? To be in a relationship or not to be…? To allow someone access into your world and to be able to let them hold your heart in their hand is a dangerous, yet, rewarding experience. The more you learn to love, not only yourself, but others as well — makes you appreciate the things that relationships have to offer. Yet, to also allow someone in, gives them the power to destroy.

What do you do? Stay single or stay inside with the one you “love”…? Hell, I’d just rather wait till the Summer comes! 🙂