“To Be Or Not To Be…”

— January 7th, 2007 —

That is the question. Even with no snow on the ground, the coldness of an empty bed can drive people insane from the loneliness or could be just the answer needed to get away from an annoying somebody. I am single. This February would mark a year of “freedom” from the trappings of being responsible for another person’s heart.

But as I embark on developing a healthy writing career, graduating from Kent State, and filming my footsteps — the heart calls out to me. Dating since getting over my last relationship was interesting to say the least. I wasn’t in need or in dire straits to find a significant other. It was rewarding to be able to have others who seemed to be on the level that I was on. Pet peeves aside, not too many people are around who I dated before.

Now, it’s 2007, and my goals are defined. Obtain my degree, stack up my money, diversify my writing portfolio, and move to the city of my dreams. Therein lies the problem… While still dating, feelings are to be cultivated, hope is a drug not to be taken likely. My moving could put a damper on a young lady’s parade. That’s not even trying to be Kanyé West cocky, it’s just how it is. My refusal to entertain the idea of being in a relationship makes some annoyed.

So, is it worth it? To be in a relationship or not to be…? To allow someone access into your world and to be able to let them hold your heart in their hand is a dangerous, yet, rewarding experience. The more you learn to love, not only yourself, but others as well — makes you appreciate the things that relationships have to offer. Yet, to also allow someone in, gives them the power to destroy.

What do you do? Stay single or stay inside with the one you “love”…? Hell, I’d just rather wait till the Summer comes! 🙂


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