“Just Can’t Walk Away”

— January 11th, 2007 —

In high school, I wasn’t the most popular, didn’t get the most girls, wasn’t even the smartest — but I could always associate myself with those who were on top of their game.

But the one thing I was (and still am) regarded for is my dancing. There was/is one man who’s better than me and is name is Seth Stewart. Fuck the classically trained shit, dude is a b-boy from the heart and dancing was always his passion.

No Brokeback, homie, but I see the dude do a reverse worm on his back. Had the girlies going crazy. Now, he is making Paula DeAnda go crazy in her video, “Walk Away”…


3 Responses to ““Just Can’t Walk Away””

  1. Cece Nichole Says:

    Wait…you know that guy? that song is hella on my page…lol…weird coincidence.

  2. Karla Says:

    do u know da name of da guy in da video not dey da cute guy playing her ex? please tell me!

  3. mercedes Says:

    do u know that guy was playing her ex in the video

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