“Seven Questions With… Hoopz”

— January 13th, 2007 —

I haven’t posted my infamous “Seven Questions With…” in quite some time. But I figured that I would start off the new year with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. The upfront hoopstress from the first season of Flavor of Love sat down with me, as she talked from her Michigan home, about what was next for her and expressed her disdain for loser (two-time loser) — New York.

But who’s really doing winning now? 4.4 million viewers tuned into watch New York’s new show on VH-1. While the last time we saw Hoopz was on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out show. With the tables seemingly turned (for now), let’s see what Hoopz had to say about a myriad of random topics.

RRR: If you could have a one on one, no holds barred, back yard boogie brawl with anyone in the entire world (living or dead) – who would it be and why?

Hoopz: I would like to say nobody… just because I don’t have a reason. I’d have to have a reason to do something like that. If someone were to start something with me, then it’d be me and them in the back yard .

RRR: A lot of men look at you as a sex symbol, but you seem pretty coy about your features. When has there been one time where you let all your inhibitions go and just let loose on an unsuspecting man?

Hoopz: Really, I’ve done that in any relationship that I was in. [Laughs] You know I got to gets mines, too! In the beginning, you start off kissing and you know… [laughs] …clothes get to be ripped off. With me, you’re going to get a challenge. You’re either in the bed, sleep, from being exhausted… or you’re eating a bowl of cereal to regain some strength. [Laughs] I have like 30 boxes of cereal. I love it anytime of day.

RRR: You kept it real on the show, especially about New York and her romp in the sack with Flavor Flav. Has there ever been a time where keeping it real ever went wrong?

Hoopz: Nope, not in my eyes.

RRR: Rumors aside – if it was true that you and Dwayne Wade had engaged in an affair and you were pregnant by him – how would it feel to be called a hypocrite by the media and Ms. New York (because you know she’d have something to say).

Hoopz: First of all… why would she be worried about me. I mean whatever the fuck she says has nothing to do with me. If she has anything to say, she should just say it to my face. I mean who is she?! Who is New York? She’s a fucking prostitute! My boy showed me a video of her sucking his dude’s dick. So, who is New York? Fuck that bitch, she’s fake. Is she a man? I mean what the fuck is she?! If she comes to my face, then I’d have to do something.

RRR: Being a faithful Michigan resident and myself being a Buckeye – would the rivalry ever get in the way of us being a fruitful couple? Or would the aftermath make-up session be just that much sweeter?

Hoopz: I think it would be fun. It’d both be sweet. [Laughs] You’re retarded for that one, Kev.

RRR: What has been the grossest moment in your life?

Hoopz: Let me see. I don’t really know. For real, no, let me see… What’s a story that I could tell? You know what…? That stripper incident when New York was dancing on the show. [Laughs] The dumb bitch fell off of the stage. Oooh, let me stop… I don’t even want to have her think that she’s on my mind like that.

RRR: Millions of people can’t believe that anyone, especially you, could pucker up and kiss a New Jack City extra like Flava Flav. What there anything really about him that could make you try to find the prince within the frog?

Hoopz: First of all, people act like he’s the single most ugliest man on the planet. There are a lot of women out there who think Flav is a beautiful person, myself included. To me, having a personality is big, and he’s one of the biggest personalities that I’ve ever met. Of course, a lot of things went through my head before I kissed him, but it’s entertainment. I didn’t have to drug myself before I kissed him. I’ve dated fat guys, “ugly” ones, too. It’s cool just as long as he makes me happy. I like to look at nice things, don’t get me wrong. I do have standards. But doesn’t that make me a diva. It doesn’t make me superficial. All in all, when all the girls were standing there before the show started taping I thought, “What the fuck am I doing?” Not just because of him, but because of everything. It’s like when your boy sets you up with a blind date and you don’t know what to expect. That’s how it was when I was going through the initial taping of the show.


6 Responses to ““Seven Questions With… Hoopz””

  1. Lois Lane Says:

    I’m so happy she kept it real about flav!
    Good job, Kev!

    Peace & Love

  2. C-Town Says:

    i love hoopz with all my heart your just a beautiful person and if you ever came to raleigh…u know get at me

  3. mercedes Says:

    wats up hoopz

  4. Mrs. Levuna watson Says:

    well the pot cant call the kettle black looks as though hoops and new york have something in common their both jump offs. And hoops please stop messing around with guys that are married or dating someone have some dignity about yourself. Life is not all about how many celebs you can get with, your pretty do some modeling or something or acting or do something in fitness it looks like you work out ,as a woman we have to do something more positive than shaking yo thang in a video there a lot of young girls who could possibly look up to you dont be a disappointment.

  5. kanysha Says:

    did you ever like real because he likes you

  6. alleyjoopz Says:

    Dat was dope man i mean she is completely loyal she even went out with a fat dude and they were ugly….wow aye but i agree personality is sexier than looks

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