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“The Greatest Band Ever”

January 29, 2007

— January 28th, 2007 —

I just watched a really interesting video from the guys across the ocean — U2 — called “Window in the Skies”.

You may see a few familar faces in the crowd. Enjoy.


“Let Me Put You On To Game”

January 20, 2007

— January 20th, 2006 —

Sick Timbo Beat…

“You Should…”

December 2, 2006

— December 2nd, 2006 —

…Be With Me…

That’s the name of Capitol Records new signee — J. Holiday. I first heard about this song from Ms. Lucinda. His video has just been released and hopefully will make it to television and radio soon. I really like that song.

Here goes the video:

“She/He/It’s (Shhheeetttt’s) Back!”

November 20, 2006

— November 20th, 2006 —

I wrote about Mr. Sasquatch a while ago, I guess it’s true what Rick James (R.I.P.) said. I have nothing to say right now — just express yourself about this.

From Da Country

In The Tub

Oh… if you want to fuck your kid’s (if you got some) head up… Play this.






November 16, 2006

— November 16th, 2006 —

Is Jay just trying to reclaim his spot in a way he had to do when he was trying to establish it during the beginning of his career? Or… is Jay threatened by the 94K that Jimmy “Dirt Angel” (copyright by Freshalina Simmons) sold his first week?

I doubt it…

Brooklyn’s in the house!!!

“I Be Humpin’ On My Daddy?!!?!”

November 13, 2006

— November 13th, 2006 —

This shit is just funny, ’nuff said…

Courtesy of Crunk + Disorderly

“Funny You Should Call Today”

November 10, 2006

— November 10th, 2006 —

They always say that God has a plan and that He works in mysterious ways, but sometimes you just wish that plans were changed. Today, Gerald Levert died at the age 40 of a heart attack. There’s not much that I even want to write about. People who know me, know how much of a fan I am of Levert, the O’Jays, Men At Large, the whole nine.He was Mr. Tribute! He made a woman feel how she should. You could watch Gerald live and know that you’d come out sweating just as much as he did on stage. This is very saddening for the people across the world who loved that man’s music. The news hits doubly hard for the people of Cleveland, from which the Levert family hails from.

The man, whose voice, is so similar to his father, Eddie, leaves behind four children, his family, friends, and a lengthy catalog of music. My prayers and condolences go out to his family.

Rest in Peace: Mr. Gerald Levert and Mr. Ed Bradley. You both will be missed.

Mr. Too Damn Good is right…

“The Best Fourth Quarter Ever?”

November 5, 2006

— November 5th, 2006 —

We’re coming down to the final stretch. The fourth quarter is here and there are some certified heat-rocks that are slated for release. Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come on November 21st (my b’day), Nas’s Hip-Hop is Dead, Ghostface, Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, The Clipse, and the Game are all to drop before 2007.

This really bode wells for Def Jam who is setting to profit off of El Presidente’s return and Nas’s recent siging. There have already been quite the few stellar releases from LupĂ© Fiasco, Outkast, Ghostface (Fishscale), Cunninglynuists (A Piece of Strange), and Hi-Tek (Hi-Teknology 2: The Chip).

But is this the best fourth quarter ever? Def Jam has been known for doing massive releases from their top stable of artists. DMX, Jay-Z, and Ja Rule all found their albums released around the same time and profitted remarkably from the tours that followed suit. Even in 1998, the house that Rick and Russy built — made strides during their Survival of the Illest tour and marketing plan. The Live From 125 album and DVD was a smash. Onyx, the aforementioned DMX, Def Sqaud, Method Man, Cormega (Where is he?!), Foxy Brown, and others had interesting releases.

Def Jam seems to be going back into Lyor’s old playbook with this fourth quarter move. Possibly with a tour on the way (according to Hovito). I am excited. Particularly with the Jay/Nas releases. Their joining of forces has definitely put the hip-hop world on its ear. Rumored tracks of them together have made even the staunchiest detractor of hip-hop continued dominance, take a second glance. People have continued to talk about how stale hip-hop is. While that opinion is shared with plenty, this fourth quarter looks to be the new trend that, I hope, will make 2007 really impactful.

“Hi-Tek is My Favorite Producer…”

October 9, 2006

— October 9th, 2006 —

Hi-Tek is bringing that boom-bap, New York State of Mind-rap back into the mix. His creative and soul-stirring beats have found a home on Hip-Hop sites from to The beat maven, who is Dr. Dre’s right arm, is ready to come back on the scene with Hi-Teknology 2… and I cannot wait.

Keep It Movin’ with Q-Tip and Kurupt is a lovely concoction of funk mixed in with an R&B-esque taste. The song finds Tip and Young Gotti’s verses volleying off the syncopated hand claps and harmonious singing in the background. There is a swaying crescendo that keeps the listener in-tune with the flow of the song. Personally, this is one of my favorite — not just because of who’s all on the track — but because of the hooks symbolism:

Got to go that way — Keep it movin’…
‘Cause you ain’t tryna get paid — Keep it movin’…
Steppin’ out on faith, ready for whatever…
It’s written so can’t worry ’bout what’s next, cause… you’ll never know…

The single that is currently getting mad airplay is the New York staple, Where It All Started At. The song features some monstrous verses from Jadakiss and Talib Kweli and has appearances from Papoose and Raekwon. The song is very nostalgic. Hell, it brings me back to ’93-’94 Hip-Hop. Tek’s sampling is key to bridging the appreciation for the city that started this Hip-Hop shit and creating anticipation for the rappers who give thanks to this.

The key to this album is its organic sound. The production is crisp and the head-nod factor alone has me praying to the Hip-Hop gods that a certain Brooklyn MC will get back into the lab and churn out another classic…

Reflection Eternal… 2!!!


September 24, 2006

— September 24th, 2006 —

The culture that I love is steadily going down the toilet. Only because of garbage like “Chicken Noodle Soup”, “Snap Music”, and that “Fry That Chicken (see a few posts below) shit do I believe such a trend is happening. The champion, Bol Crawford goes into a lengthy diatribe about “Minstrel Rap Music” over at But I think that this music may be a detriment to us as men and women.

Snap music has grown men flickin’ their wrists and poppin’ harder than that Tip Drill video. Is that really acceptable in the hyper-masculine culture of Hip-Hop? The music, itself, is all fun for what it provides in the clubs — but the imagery poses an interesting question:

Are these dance-themed genres of Hip-Hop bringing the culture back to its roots? Or are they spitting in the face of their forefathers?

I did an interview a few months ago with DJ Webstar for and what I found interesting was that Webstar (not Webster…) felt that he was providing a positive outlet for the youth of Harlem.

So, does this:

Resemble this:

As far as that “Fry That Chicken” video is concerned…

Lemme get my Ron Mexico on…

Ms. Peaches seems to be favoring Mr. Sausage… fuck what you heard! Whatever mosque s/he stole that purple kufi from the Fruit of Islam should find that thing and beat it for disrespecting the Qu’ran. Is it just me or does that RuPaul stunt double sound a little bit like a coked-out Lil’ Jon?


So, Fat Albert and the Food Stamp Kids go to the backwoods to fry some chicken. Really?!!? PETA should be called in because this American Gladiator reject is showcasing her cruelty to animals. There’s no way that s/he should be doing this to these kids like that. I wonder what the production cost was for this monstrosity?

Oh, shit… The kids are dancing in the video. Bet you their parents are proud. YouTube won’t do these youngin’s any justice when/if they try to get some higher education. My guess is the lil’ fat boy was the one who made that Peachez sign at the beginning of the video. Let’s hope the kids weren’t excited when they came back to school. If any of these teachers had any sense they’d beat they asses.

If this shit makes it in the club I will not only Lee Harvey Oswald the DJ, but I’ll find Mr. T-Peachez and really give that thing something to dance about.

…Oh, I knew where I saw that “somethin” from… wasn’t that that beastly looking broadie from this season of Flavor of Love?