“Seven Questions with… Buffie the Body”

— August 29th, 2006 —

On HipHopDX.com, yours truly, talked to Ms. Buffie the Body for an exclusive interview. Afterwards, we chewed the booty phat over what is to be a continued series here on “Real Recognize Real.” I thank Ms. Buffie the Body for being candid with her answers.

Hell, it got so good that it turned into “Fourteen Questions…” – so part two will definitely poke out (pun intended) in a little while. Enjoy.


RRR: The world seems to be in so much turmoil nowadays. Bush’s approval ratings are low and war is running rampant across the globe. Do you follow along with what’s going on in the news and if you were running things what would you change?

Buffie: I don’t follow any of that. But if I were running things I would change the fact that there are too many homeless people in this world. There wouldn’t be any homeless people. Also I would make it possible for inmates who have been released from jail to find jobs. If they have done their time, why keep punishing them when they are discharged! Let the convicts who are trying to do right… DO RIGHT!

RRR: A lot of people live their lives vicariously through celebrities. You, being a profiled individual within the hip-hop culture, are envied and loved by many. If there was one truth that everyone should know about celebrities — what would it be?

Buffie: Not all of them are rich just because you see them on TV. Also not all of them are happy and content just because they are wealthy.

RRR: So, are you involved within the community? If so, what movements do you associate with?

Buffie: No. But I would love to be more involved in the Cancer community. I lost my sister last year from Cancer. So it made me look at life differently. There are a lot of people living with and dying from Cancer among the African American community.

RRR: Since you’re striving to get your money — if Congress approved for black people to get their reperations, what would you do with it?

Buffie: Buy up all the Real Estate and become a Real Estate Tycoon.

RRR: Seeing as how you’d be financially well-off, what else would you do? Start a family?

Buffie: Honestly, that’s the only way I would start a family… I would have to be RICH! Seeing that I didn’t grow up with all the nicer things that other kids had, I would make sure my child had everything!

RRR: Would you like to be married with a nice house, white picket fence, a puppy? I’m not really into the “married life.”

Buffie: Nice house… Yes. Puppy…Yes.

RRR: Having been in relationships before, what do you think is one mistake that all men make?

Buffie: Trying to have too many women! LOL! And not letting the ex-girlfriend know that he has a new girlfriend.
In part deux, Buffie talks sex… Yessir! Be on the lookout with interviews from Britni Cardosa, The Clipse, Cali, Hoopz (yes, that Hoopz!!!), Vakill, DJ Furious Styles, and Mojoe.


You can read the HipHopDX.com interview with Ms. Buffie the Body by clicking on the link here.


16 Responses to ““Seven Questions with… Buffie the Body””

  1. Quibian Salazar-Moreno Says:

    Haha… It’s funny asking her questions about social issues and the state of the union… i bet she didn’t see that coming

  2. Dayrell Says:

    i saw hoopz at a wbna game last month…was pretty pleasant. lol

    she actually spoke to me to lol

  3. Ketchums Says:

    One more stern “Fuck you” for interviewing Buffy when I haven’t. But, I digress, do your thing (lol).

  4. Danyale Says:

    Buffie seems like a really cool down to earth individual, you gotta respect her business mind. I mean, this chick is literally sitting on millions and counting. I truly tip my hat to her. Now dats a bad bitch!!!

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  7. livingseed Says:

    Buffie is too much.i commend her for her wonderful ass. But please help me!,i need buffie’s personal data;her phone number, her e-mail & her address. I am a Nigerian,& would like to have as a girlfriend. Note!,If she agrees, i’m ready to leave my country & come lookin for her.Provided, she’ll send for me.

  8. yung stunna Says:

    man she sexy i wanna sex her, please her, and give her all mi might she gotta a man sprung i want 2 meet u in persn 1 day to i wanna fuc u and by da way im gay call me sexy

  9. devante Says:

    is it truth that your 58 years old and can i say 1 more thing yo assssssssss is fat real talk

  10. Patrick Says:

    what were you doing before rap videos, and how did you get to do rap videos.

  11. joey Says:

    ur really cool

  12. 2loose Says:

    your are a goddess babydoll,your butt only show a lil about you but your beauty is not for every man its for a special person that has earn the right to be concoled by what you offer.keep up the good work babydoll

  13. Twitch Says:

    Got dawn you find. Thank you for doing with that booty, you give hope to find like you

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